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Kundry’s Revenge

Time to examine the cult of the Connecticut Judicial Family Services hiding in the nefarious Court Support Services Division of the judiciary.  It is a cult, not governed by rule of law nor does it posses procedural processes approved by any proper authority.  It is  It is simply the muscle for a private agenda held within the Office of Chief Court Administrator, Judge Patrick Carroll and chosen sidekick Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

A cult is a relatively small group of people having beliefs or practices regarded by others as being strange or sinister.  This cult division, funded with tax dollars under a veil of secrecy, has no policy manual, no procedures, no oversight and is under the complete totalitarian control of a judge.  The conduct of the cult curiously matches the Zionist agenda of Elliot Solomon, the de facto overlord of the cult.  All members of the cult are graded on performance by their devotion to Solomon.  The state job description for the cult members contains only one performance metric:  confidence of the judge.  All pay, promotions, bonuses are based on the doting admiration of a hidden judicial agenda in family matters.  No cult member will argue against a judge nor criticize the agenda, it is simply not allowed in the cult; children and families don’t matter, only obedience.

The cult is known for tearing families apart.  Studies and evaluations performed by the cult have no basis in law or behavioral sciences; most read like a bad script for cable channel soap operas.  All evaluations lack constitutional cause, are illegal searches and create nefarious ‘recommendations’ which the judicial authority will incompetently cite as justification for discretionary orders lacking strict scrutiny to destroy constitutionally protected parent-child bonds.  In simple terms the cult delivers what the private judicial agenda wants to hear.

Why does the state need this judicial echo chamber in simple divorce matters?  Quite honestly, it does not.  The state overlords need the cult to masquerade as ‘best interests of the child’ to traffick children.  The state cannot take a child away from a parent without the claim of neglect by the executive branch, through the Department of Children & Families.  A strict due process procedure and review is required.  But the judiciary, under the color of dissolution law, can deprive a parent of a child with a stroke of a discretionary pen.  The cult druids of Family Services provide window dressing to what is simply a child trafficking operation.  A simple, elegant, proper looking process, devoid of constitutional protections, no transparency, no public scrutiny nor Christian morals.

Under the concept of separation of powers, there can be no ‘evaluation’ performed by an independent judiciary.  If the court is to hold such independence to adjudicate public matters, then it cannot assign itself the task of evaluating the matter being adjudicated.  Judge Ficeto orders Christopher Haddad to evaluate the dysfunctional Grohs family.  She is merely assigning the evaluation to Judge Elliot N. Solomon, the cult master.  What is the legal purpose of what is essentially a shell game?  A simple transfer from the Superior Court of the state to the rabbinical court of Solomon.

Destruction of the christian family is part of the Zionist agenda.  Judge Solomon is a jew.  He runs a cult devoid of legislative oversight or public scrutiny.  There is nothing in the performance of the cult that suggests adherence to Christian values.  Willful and malicious destruction of parent-child bonds cannot be found in the teachings of any religion.  The act is abhorred by the Pope and is antithetical to two millenia of Church teachings.  Same goes for the Protestants, Lutherans, Baptists, Anglican, Methodists and Orthodox.  Prophet Mohammad holds no teachings under Islam that would support the agenda of the cult.  Farther East, there is no practice in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Shinto or Confucianism.

So how did the cult come about, why is it publicly funded, why is it under the secretive control of a judge, why is the work product not subject to public scrutiny given it is so heavily relied upon to render public judgments in a public forum under the Constitution of the United States?  How does this cult escape the people’s right of scrutiny framed in the First Amendment?  Everything in a public forum is public property, but not the secretive writings of the cult.  How were the designs of the Founding Father’s put asunder?  Is there a secret deal between the judiciary and the judiciary committee of the legislature to turn a blind eye to constitutional terrorism?  Is the cult an ISIS sleeper cell working to destroy the country one family at a time?  Or is it just that unscrupulous lawyers hold totalitarian control over the judiciary committee and the judiciary itself.  Checks and balances of the people defeated by the Bar Association.

Given actions speak louder than words, the examination of cult member Christopher Haddad exemplifies the above.  Sworn by his paycheck to uphold the will of the cult, measured by judicial confidence in his ability to carry out the unpublished agenda, Haddad betrays all in his recent involvement with Evey and Sophia Grohs, two little gifts from God employed as weapons of litigation by Judge Anna Ficeto and used as a way to siphon William Grohs millions into pockets of Attorney Michael Fasano and Mary Brigham.  Ficeto is acting out the script of the cult, decimating the Grohs family for lawyer welfare.  She steals the children from their mother in defiance of the mother’s religious beliefs.  The judge allows cult members Mary Brigham, Katie O’Connor and Chris Haddad to interfere with court orders to further isolate the children from the mother.  Haddad decides that the cult requires mother to execute unspecified paperwork prior to being allowed to see the kids.  Such requirement is created solely in the evil mind of Haddad, no procedure, policy or legal cause; simply rule of the cult.  Haddad is so malicious that he won’t even email the forms to the mother.  He won’t even send the link to the officially required form, as it is not an officially required form.  Haddad acts in a criminal manner in defiance of federal anti-discrimination law, constitutional protections, federal ADA laws and basically acts like a true asshole.

Haddad’s supervisors, more cult members in the employ of the state are well aware of his misconduct.  He reports to Phyllis Cummings-Teixeira, a black woman of little intellect that will sell children for her white paycheck.  Above her is white dyke supremacist Deborah Fuller, an evil shill inducted into the cult by mentor pedo operator Steve Grant under the watchful eye of General Counsel Martin Libbin, to the pleasure of Judge Elliot Solomon and chief masquerader Judge Patrick Carroll.  An on-time, on demand, state funded child trafficking team.

Which brings us back to the question as to wherefrom comes this underlying agenda of the cult in destruction of parent-child bonds for child trafficking?  A derivative reliance on pseudo science?  Manipulation and obscuration?  Subversiveness?  Revenge for the curse of Kundry being wielded upon God’s gifts?