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Primordial Ooze

The constitutionally infirm Judge Thomas Moukawsher exposes his contempt for the First Amendment in his incoherent blither grasping for legal cause to disbar an attorney for words he does not like. Poor Mouk, his miswired brain proclaims virtues of machine gunning rice paddy peasants to be of philosophical relevance to best interests, which made him an instant Blog star, but now his wallowing in PRIMORDIAL OOZE makes him a domestic enemy of the Constitution, begging a .50 cal to the head.

Censorship is an American taboo. Government officials cannot restrict the market place of ideas under First Amendment, a point lost on Moukawsher, who fears public knowledge of the inner workings of court racketeering in Connecticut. Mouk’s game is trite, but obvious. He does not like mother’s contention that her children are being destroyed and savings looted for the sole purpose of enriching a chummy jew club that finds purpose in caging kids for 650 days. Jews employ goy kids to promote litigation between parents for fees. Mouk converts this factual observation to conduct, then applies an administrative gloss, turning free expression into MISCONDUCT, which is then mixed with discretion creating grounds for disbarment. Mouk thinks no one notices he morphs protected speech into PUNISHMENT. Pretty slick, a deprivation of liberty absent any process.

“Misconduct like this threatens to drag the courts into the primordial ooze that passes for public discourse in some quarters today. One whiff of this swamp should be enough for the courts and those of its officers who are true to their duties to set out firmly in the other direction. This moment is one chance to do so.”

Judge Moukawsher

What the good judge meant to say: Free speech is not of judicial concern. The market place of ideas always contains sharp attacks on government officials, nothing to do with the best interests of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer who suffer horrific isolation from mom, being unconstitutionally cruel and unusual. This is the moment to recognize the horrors of family court.

Unfortunately, Mouk just too fuckin’ dumb to understand criticizing public opinion from the bench is not an adjudicative duty. He just runnin’ his dumb fuckin’ mouth with brain disengaged. Jawbonin’ around the spitoon does not a decision make. Guy is just a fuckin’ idiot who incites a trusting pubic to imminent lawless action. The ethical exit for Mouk is to vacate his orders, recuse himself, take a long vacation, hoping a well regulated militia of torch bearing patriots doesn’t show up at his door singing the Star Spangled Banner. The land of the free and the home of the brave collects blood of tyrants to refresh a parched Tree of Liberty.