Support Denied!!!

Just when you thought family court could not get any crazier, the pedos of Upstate New York trip up and expose themselves. Today Judge Jeffery Wait of Saratoga Springs heard a petition by a father seeking to pay for four years of college for his child. The state law provides the court with jurisdiction over support of a child until 21 and to provide orders for college tuition and living expenses. A simple request to support such child was opposed by the mother’s lawyer. Judge Wait dismissed the petition, denying the child financial support.

Needless to say no competent court would deny any child the right to financial support for higher education, unless of course the child holds purpose to others, for which she must remain isolated. Mother’s lawyer Michael Mercure of Hudson Falls could not be reached for comment, as to why he argued against such financial benefit for the child or why he was so adamant that the child should not receive college tuition. Given that the mother is on food stamps, too poor and destitute to even retain a professional lawyer or pay for college there was no reason to oppose the offer. Mercure was appearing pro bono, representing mother’s opposition to financial support from the father. The office of Judge Vito Caruso, Chief Administrative Judge, stated after the hearing that it could not comment on the behavior of judges in the court room and could provide no legal reference for denial of support to a child in NY state.

All makes perfect sense when it is revealed that the presiding judge is the whack nutty Jeffery Wait, who made it to he bench not on brains but on political family connections in banking relations; being jewish also helps. Wait has previously denied the same child any support for the last four years, ignoring the duty of the court to uphold and enforce the state child support laws. Wait has willfully abandoned the duties of his office for some private agenda that involves depriving a young girl of legally required financial support. Why Attorney Mercure constantly advocates for depriving said child of financial support suggests sinister purpose on what Wait and Mercure are really trying to conceal; child abuse.

This is a public service message to the people of New York that Judge Wait willfully violates the law, deprives children of support and refuses to explain his actions; Mercure is obviously in on the play as well. Child abuse is alive and well in the NY court system; predators everywhere.

Attorney Michael Mercure argues against child support for young girl, as financially disadvantaged children have purpose for his deviant pals.
Judge Jeffery Wait of Saratoga Springs NY denies a child the right to financial support for no purpose in law, trafficking little girls is obvious.

Heather Ferguson of Cambridge is a tramp, lives with sugar daddy Jared Towler, as live in concubine, who is older than her own father, isolates the child from father and extended family, has mental problems, is on food stamps and loves to play the victim in her miserable life. Her family tree has more divorces than people. Abortions, adultery, just par for the course for this miscreant of a human, now denies her own kid college support….trafficking?