Hate McDonald

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears….It is o.k. for citizens of the Empire to hate.  The left can hate the right and the right can hate the left.  It is perfectly legal to hate those who seek to rape your children.  It is a proud boast of the empire to hate pedophiles.  It is a proud boast of the empire to look with disdain on perverted male sodomites who label themselves ‘gay’.

Society can draw the line, it is the will of the majority.  Raping children in the name of rights is crossing the line.  Promoting the queer and sexually deviant agenda under a veil of equality is tyranny.  Gay marriage, pedophile, child trafficking, deviant perverted sexual behavior, teaching of sodomy to children, gender confusion, unisex bathrooms, sex change butchery, normalizing deviant behavior does nothing to uphold society.  It is merely the jewish agenda under the left-wing, masquerading behind a twisted deviant sexual agenda in pursuit of societal chaos.  The jews will do anything to tear down a christian society.  The antiChrist comes in the form a Jew or a Connecticut Justice.

It is ok to hate all these people.  The people (on the right) are done with Malloy and his jokers.  The people do not want Malloy’s fellow fudge packer running the judiciary.  Want the age of consent lowered to nine?  McDonald will do it.  Want rape of prepubescent children legalized?  McDonald will do it.  Want some case law requiring little boys be trained in sodomy in elementary school?  McDonald will do it.  Want immunity to rape children at will….welcome to Connecticut pedo utopia.  Hate the jew law firm of Pulman&Comely, that is legal.  Hate Malloy the pervert leftist pedo governor, that is legal too.  Hate the way the judicial mafia controls the people’s legislature, fine.  Hate King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon and his Zionistic pals who rule from the Talmud over the goyim, perfectly fine to hate dat.  Dyke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, hate her too!  Jew boy, pedo monster and Dark Lord Gerard Adelman, everyone hates him.  Hate the people who love faggot McDonald, perfectly fine.

It is ok to hate these people.  It is ok to vote against them.  It is ok to protect society.  It is ok to protect the children.  It is ok to hate political correctness.  It is perfectly fine to hate these people.

Billboard to hate Justice McDonald

Dyke on the byke

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman

Crooked, jewish, insider, deviant law firm.

16 to 19, hit the road.