Cleveland v Halvey

Time to look at how the jews of the AFCC have morphed the custody fight into the present day revenue prize for lawyers holding no christian values.  Remember folks, if you are a good lawyer, raised in a christian family by caring parents, you are not practicing in family court.  Only the vermin of the profession crawl the halls and chambers of the cesspool.  No law is practiced, only Talmud discretion in application of the Zionistic agenda of destroying family values of the Christian majority.

Let’s go back to 1910 when divorce was not a money maker for Bar rats, there was no family court nor did the corrupt AFCC even exist.  The nature of the custody ‘decision’ was examined in Connecticut’s highest court, then called the Supreme Court of Errors, populated with educated judges who could actually write intelligible legal opinions in proper use of the English language.  The case Morrill v Morrill was decided, which upheld that custody orders are never final and are always subject to revision by the court “addressed to its discretion, to be exercised with paramount consideration for the welfare of the children.”

But that does not make money for lawyers.  Custody fights have to be big, bold, emotional, traumatizing, final and require lots of billable hours to attack.  Pedos don’t want sole custody orders subject to change either, the victim might escape.  The jews establish the AFCC in 1963; jewish legal lizard Meyer Elkins knew that proper tweaking of a well settled American system can enrich the chosen ones and benefit pedo child traffickers.  Why bother the legislature to change the law when chosen judges can write opinions supporting private agendas instantly without public debate.

In 1971 the Nutmeg Supreme Court does exactly that by issuing the opinion of Cleveland v Cleveland which falsely applies res judicata to custody orders, at 459.  The chosen create an artificial barrier to modifying a custody determination.  A new hurdle requiring more billable hours is installed to benefit the jewish lawyer lobby.  The parent must ‘prove’ a material change in circumstance, yet no definitions or specifications are provided.  Just more jewish soup to obfuscate and confuse the goyim.  In 1953, Connecticut case law held no cause of proving change in circumstance to prosecute custody modification as stated in Krasnow v Krasnow.   Connecticut jews quietly re wrote the law 18 years later.

Of note, there is nothing ‘material’ associated in a parent/child relationship, nothing tangible.  Feelings, emotions, love, childhood are not material items in the christian world.  Just another material mark by the chosen on the goyim in family court.

For those who enjoy the details of jewish subversive efforts to destroy the rule of law and add confusion to the life of the goy, we must examine the opinion of Jew Judge Ryan, writing for House, C. J., Thim, Shapiro and Loiselle who overruled SCOTUS cases of Halvey, Kovacs and Ford in stating:

“To limit the use of the power given to the trial courts by § 46-23 and to give effect to the principle of res judicata, there has developed a rule, which is accepted by this court, that before an order as to custody… of children may be modified there must have been a  material change of circumstances after the order was issued.   Tippin v. Tippin, 148 Conn. 1, 3, 166 A.2d 448Sullivan v. Sullivan, 141 Conn. 235, 239, 104 A.2d 898; see Ogles v. Warren, 148 Conn. 255, 258, 170 A.2d 140Freund v. Burns, 131 Conn. 380, 385, 40 A.2d 754; 24 Am. Jur. 2d 959, Divorce and Separation, § 846. This rule should apply with equal force to modification of the judgment with respect to provisions contained therein…

The Connecticut jews created a rule of undefined ‘material change of circumstances’ in 1971 to create res judicata where none exists to override the unanimous decision of SCOTUS from 1947 and previous Connecticut case law of Morrill of 1910 and Krasnow of 1953.  Whatever the jews want, the courts grant.  Res judicata is applied by jewdicial subterfuge in Connecticut contrary to SCOTUS rulings, solely to benefit the jews, pedophiles and lawyers.  Note that the Nutmeg Supreme Court acted without legislative or constitutional authority to LIMIT THE POWER OF THE TRIAL COURTS.

So who DEVELOPED THE FUCKING RULE?…jews?  Why did the court ACCEPT it?….jews?  What the fuck is a material change in circumstances?….jewish definition, known only to jews?  How is EFFECT given to non existent res judicata?   How did this happen with no public debate or vote by the legislature?  Not a rule of the gentiles, for the gentiles nor by the gentiles.

The contradiction of Connecticut jewish family law in Cleveland and federal law is shown by three SCOTUS cases: Halvey v. Halvey, Kovacs v. Brewer and Ford v Ford; dating back to 1947, which all ruled custody determinations are not res judicata meaning not final but are subject to modification by any state court at any time.  In the eyes of the real Supreme Court of the land, a custody determination is the whim of a state judge in the instant it is made; finality evaporates before the ink is dry.  After such judicial farting, it is subject to change for any reason the court cares to entertain for the welfare of the child.  But don’t quote SCOTUS before your nutmeg jewish family court tyrant.  That monster in black is only there to traffick your kid and enrich his fellow Bar Zionists in plunder of family savings.  Christian values will not be tolerated nor will rule of law.  Cleveland simply says fuck SCOTUS.

Having a final sole custody order is a benefit to the jew sponsored paedophiles of our modern society, as it is a tool to cut mother out of the lives of the raped child.  The Talmud court relies on this Connecticut constructed custody finality to erase mother from her son’s life; then denies the mother access to the court to challenge the isolation; in defiance of state and federal constitutions,  in defiance of SCOTUS and in deprivation of civil rights under color of law.  False hurdle of ‘material change’ applied to deny access to a modification hearing, falsely preserving the original order.  See how jews and pedos work the system to promote their trafficking of children?  So perfect, so subtle, you even thought it was law.

A mere eight years after jew deviants Meyer Elkin and Judge Roger Alton Pfaff founded the AFCC, the players in Connecticut stealthly defeated SCOTUS, limited the power of the court and created the mechanism for the pedos to protect their sole custody awards without notice of the legislature.  Jews work well together to defeat a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

So here is some advice for your next motion to modify custody; the court rule of material change in circumstances is not allowed per SCOTUS case of Halvey.  Tell your jewish deviant miscreant of a judge that SCOTUS trumps the jews of Connecticut; res judicata does not apply to the custody order.  Cleveland is VOID.  The trial court exercises the sovereign power of parens patriae, which cannot be limited by jewdicial opinion.  The ruling is false, contrived, unconstitutional and lacks any foundation in law.  A rule of practice does not limit the inherent power of the court.  There is no barrier to a modification filing.

Family case law twisted by deviants and jews to defeat christian values, state constitution, federal Constitution, Bill of Rights, federal civil rights law, SCOTUS rulings; all for the sole purpose of trafficking children.  After all, sole custody is not a christian value, but a pedo necessity.  It requires a Talmud edict to preserve it in a christian society.  So ignore the jewdicial rule…..file for modification today!!!!

Sole custody is un-American, non-christian and is fabricated by the chosen.

For those who are interested, Connecticut General Statute 51-14 requires legislative approval of court rules.  This law was ignored by the judiciary for many years.  Specifically, on 1 December 1971 and 19 January 1972, the jewdicial branch sent letters to the legislature stating “Supreme and Superior Court rules not subject to legislative review.” for the year 1971.  This translates to FUCK OFF you gentiles, the jewdicial branch rules!  Typical Talmud/Zionistic attitude of jews in black robes who can’t spell We the people.   The RULES committee of the court, never put this ‘material change’ requirement in the practice book either.  See PB §25-26, no material change required here.  See CGS §46b-56, no material change or res jewdicata required here.  Court custody modification form JD-FM-174  does not have a box for ‘material change’.  Jew Judge Dennis Eveleigh chairs the clown club of the present rules gestapo and upholds this fraud on the people.

Note the jews of the appellate court are still quoting the jew material rule as recently as 2013 in Harris v Hamilton, (AC33731) where our pedo friend Judge F. Herbert Gruendel delivered the jewdicta  along with Robinson and Schaller, defeating the rule of law by the chosen ones.

The jewdiciary of Connecticut has usurped the power of the people.  A call to arms, Patriots assemble, something rotten needs to be burned to the ground.


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