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Chris Ambrose: Part 7

No shortage of cringe-able drama from Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut. Part 7 of the series by the FrankReport is published, it is frightening! Big fat pedo daddy continues to keep Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer prisoner at 381 Horse Pond Road, under gestapo protection of the thin blue pedophile police commanded by chief child rapist Jack Dunn and doting piggalo First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons. Pedophilia is alive and well protected in Madison!!


The Ambrose Papers #7: Forensic Examiner Investigating Image of Ambrose’s Hard Drive – Charges May Be Coming for Father Who Allegedly Abuses Children

October 16, 2021

{Portrait of a monster? Or is that Chris Ambrose? 

What kind of a man comes back into his children’s lives after years, working away in another state, not really knowing them at all, back into their lives after losing his career through a stupid, fateful act of dishonesty, back home to execute a plan to divorce his wife of 14 years, snatch millions from their joint accounts, and leave her penniless?What kind of man contrives to take his children away from their mother, his wife, against their wishes? He does the latter not because he deeply loves or cares about his children, at least not in a paternal sense, but wants them, it seems, to save money on child support and alimony, possibly to wreak vengeance on his wife, and, if the children’s statements to professionals are true, to mentally and sexually abuse them?What kind of man is this?In Connecticut Family Court, he is a man to be cherished.He is, after all, a parent with money.  Because this man is crafty, unlike many other parents with money, he does not have to be manipulated to be bled  He knows the game. He knows that family court operates for the welfare of lawyers.He knows that whenever a family with money comes into their field, it is, for the lawyers, a field day. They work together to create confusion, contention, to select the wrong parent, then rake in fees from the fight between them. They are aided and abetted by the judges, who are, after all, lawyers themselves, who through influence and party boss support, which means the support of lawyers, donating lawyers, are appointed by the governor.Ambrose was wise. He helped them. He never protested. He let them know he would cooperate. They appreciated a man so wise in worldly ways.  Ambrose of course is a lawyer himself though he has not practiced in years.Wise man. He let them feed, this avaricious, ravenous crew of lawyers, and, in particular, the rapacious Jocelyn Hurwitz, of Cohen and Wolf.  She is the guardian ad litem, the court appointed attorney who looks after the welfare of the children. She billed more than $180,000 so far on this case – at $400 per hour – and every dime paid or to be paid by the father, for he controls the money.The expense is a good investment for the father.After all, he planned to arrange that, at the end of the day, the lawyer-feeding-frenzy would come out of his wife’s share. In exchange for her selling out what is the worst result for the children, he pays the guardian ad litem, just as much as she wants.This man knew he could buy lawyers and he could buy a psychologist by the name of Jessica Biren-Caverly. It was a win, win, win.  He knew that whatever he paid to unprincipled lawyers or a corrupt psychologist in the short run, would be less than alimony, child support, and the division of marital assets in the long run.Clever DogLet’s meet this clever dad who fought for his own financial preservation, after he lost his career.  He is former TV screenwriter, Chris Ambrose, 59.  Former, I say, because he got caught plagiarizing from another TV show.  That makes you “former” in this business.  No Hollywood producer will trust a man to write when he is willing to put his name on material he did not write, and say it’s his.He is unemployable as a writer.His return to Connecticut was, it seems evident, occasioned by this colossally stupid move called plagiarism.Bad mistake. Chris Ambrose took money to write an episode called appropriately enough “Secrets and Lies” of the TV show Instinct. Unhappily, Ambrose did not write the episode. He stole material from two episodes of the TV show Bones.  “Secrets and Lies”aired on April Fools Day 2018 and no one was a bigger fool than Ambrose, because he thought he could get away with it.Now that Ambrose could no longer work writing TV shows in Los Angeles or New York City, he came, tail tucked betwixt his legs, back to Connecticut, where the children lived with their mother since they were babies.  They were 12, 12 and 8 at the time of his return.Though he was unemployed and unemployable, he hid this at first from his wife. She found out later, after the story broke in the media.

It could have been worse.  He was not exactly a pauper.  Ambrose and his wife, Karen Riordan, had several millions in assets. Both of them had worked. She had gotten an inheritance. He had always managed their money.  He was good with money.

She was good with children. After they adopted three, she became a stay at home mother. When Ambrose secretly transferred the various accounts — he moved them neatly – into his control, he also took her inheritance.

It made perfect sense. His income, when he was a respected TV writer, was well into the six figures. With his career in shambles, but with several million dollars under his control, he had new plans.

He planned for divorce.  He knew that if she got primary custody of the children, between child support and alimony, he might pay $8,000 per month, for the next five or six years. That’s half a million.  If she got her share of the joint assets, that might be a million more. If she got her inheritance back, add another $150,000.  He could be facing challenging times.

Instead of a pampered Hollywood writer with any luxury at his disposal, he could face hard times such as he had never seen.

His plan was simple. It has been used in family court often:  Make the mother seem insane, gaslight her. Make her seem unpredictable, while he cast himself as a poor, gentle victim, whose only joy was to care and rear the children.  He was her victim.

This is easy to do when you have willing vultures disguised as lawyers, a guardian ad litem and a court appointed custody evaluator/psychologist who are suckling fast to the family court teat.

Yes, the plan was that Chris Ambrose was to be Karen’s victim.

Karen Riordan was a stay at home mother from the time of her children’s infancy, until April 24, 2020, when Judge Jane Grossman, taking the advice of the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the recommendation of the custody evaluator, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, took the children away from their mother and into the hands of the father, Chris Ambrose.

Ambrose was a writer and he cleverly kept notes and sent emails, always making a record to show any time he went to the store. Any time he cooked a meal or did anything with the children.  Karen thought he was only trying to be a good dad for the first time in his life.  She did not know why he came back from his TV work.

It was all to set her up. All to show he did 50 percent of the caretaking, when in reality she did 90 percent even when he came back home and 100 percent for the first 12 years of the children’s lives.

‘Don’t call it a kangaroo court.”

Phony Marriage

Forget the fact that this guy has been a fraud probably all his life.  Even his marriage was a fraud from the start.  Chris Ambrose married Karen Riordan in 2004 under false pretenses, which arguably makes her the victim.

He used her, and this is blunt, as his “beard.” But he never told her.  It seems pretty damn apparent that he was a closeted gay all his life.  He has recently admitted he views gay porn. How could he deny it?  Evidence shows he is addicted to porn.

But he told Karen, when they started dating, and led her to believe, that he was heterosexual.  He hid his secret, a secret he kept hidden for years in conservative small town, Wethersfield, Connecticut, from his conservative Catholic parents and family.  They would have been aghast if they thought their Chris was gay.

To them it is an abomination.

He tried to have intimacy with Karen before the marriage but he needed the lights out. He was ashamed of his body, he said.  But he tried and to a degree he succeeded. Karen thought it would get better.

On the marriage night, he felt tired. On the day following their wedding, he took off to Los Angeles from Connecticut to begin work on a new TV show, Judging Amy. He never consummated the marriage. Not in 14 years.

Karen was heartbroken about this, but Ambrose was so lively, so endearing at first, so sympathetic. He had valid excuses. He had, poor man, erectile dysfunction. Viagra did not help. He was anxious and tense. He had so much stress at his demanding work. But it would get better. He would try to calm down and like every other couple, he promised, they would have intimacy. Soon.

When work did calm down a little and he was doing well, he had another problem. He pointed out to Karen that she was in top physical shape and he was, he said, crestfallen, and perhaps with a little tear, not in good enough shape, He did not feel worthy. He was embarrassed. He shed tears. Karen tried to console him. She felt so bad for him. She said it did not matter that he was a little soft.  But he said, he just could not. He would be too shaken up by it, He would try to get into shape.

Somehow it never happened. And when Karen noticed this, she urged him to get beyond it. He now said he had trauma. Karen wanted him to go to therapy. He agreed but did not go.  When she pressed him, he came up with a new reason.

He went to a medical doctor, he said, who diagnosed him with venous leakage. Now he had a valid medical reason: His penis could not store blood enough to hold an erection.  Therapy would not help. Nothing could help.

So years went by and Karen, who was a special education teacher, earning about $90,000 per year – in fact, she was awarded teacher of the year in 2004, in the Greenwich Public School District – thought perhaps she and Ambrose should have children.

Karen suggested they adopt children. Ambrose agreed. They adopted three Latino children, Mia, Mathew and Sawyer.

Karen who quit her job, became a full time mother.  She raised the children every day, usually in Connecticut, but sometimes joining her husband in California with the kids.

It was not until much later that Karen realized that Ambrose lived a double life.  He never did show her any medical evidence that he had venous leakage. In fact he did not seem to suffer from erectile dysfunction at all. As long as the model was young and male, especially if he was Latino, he seemed to have no problem at all.

Ambrose could get past his dysfunction also easily if the man was in the military and happened to like forced haircuts. The man who could never once make love to his wife, would go online and pretend to be a gay barber.

Here is screenshot from his private messages on Instagram.  Ambrose is CA0515 [stands for Chris Ambrose, May 15, his birthday].

He is making an awkward approach to a muscular gent named Sergeev.

Ambrose writes him, posing as a barber: “You should let your hair grow a least a little – it would be so sexy.”

Chris Ambrose, a former TV writer and lawyer, likes to pose as a gay barber.
Ambrose tried again with Rolly Smokes, but it did not go well with him either. There are many messages like this, where Ambrose pretends to be a gay barber and calls hair, “lettuce”. Now none of this necessarily makes him evil, but why did he have to lie to his wife?

Yes, he was gay.

Finally Karen confronted him. She was understanding.

She said, “if you are gay, just admit it. Live authentically.”

He denied it, of course.

“But we have never had sex all the years we’ve been married.”

“You won’t be able to prove it,” he said.

Later, she said, “I found gay porn on your computer.”

“You won’t be able to prove it,” he said.

He was wrong about that.

A lot of things come out in divorce and it was discovered that on his computer – analyzed by forensic experts – and on his phone — seen by his own children – that gay porn was his daily fare.  He especially liked sites featuring young Latinos and this might be concerning since his sons are Latino. is one of his perennial favorites.

In a bizarre and seemingly twisted move, Ambrose tells his teenage daughter she acts more like a guy

Here is an audio where Ambrose’s son, Sawyer, speaking with his older sister, Mia, says his father kisses and repeatedly touches his private parts

The overly excessive kissing of Sawyer and the inappropriate touching of Mia is described by Matthew in a letter:

Mathew writes, “We tell our truth and we get PUNISHED for it.”

Sawyer’s letter [below] describing the abuse.

Another letter [below] from Sawyer describing his fear of his father.

Here is a link to Connecitcut Children’s Hospital report of Sawyer’s claims of sexual abuse by his father.Here is a link to Yale New Haven Hospital  “Alleged Child Abuse per older siblings pt has told him that the father has fondling his penis and when police arrived he reported to them he doesn’t feel safe at home with his dad.”

Despite all this, which is only so much background noise to the good lawyers of family court in Connecticut, and especially to the best of them all, Cohen and Wolf’s Jocelyn Hurwitz, Ambrose got custody of the children, much to the children’s horror.

And the mother got nothing. He controls the money and she cannot have contact with the children.  It is so bad that the children took to social media to try to get someone to listen to their abuse.

Then the father took their internet away and their cell phones.

Ambrose keeps them in isolation in a rural home and does not have a land line.  At one point, he took the doorknobs off the doors so the children could not keep him out of their rooms. He did that on Christmas Day. He also told the court that he has bells on the doors so he can hear them when they enter or leave a room.

Ambrose  moved the children to a rural home and keeps constant guard on them.
An aerial view of the house where Ambrose moved the children shows that it is secluded. But the real seclusion is that they cannot see their mother or any of their family or lifelong friends. Since they were part of the life they knew with their mother, Ambrose forbids it. If you can just imagine the abuse these children have gone through these past 18 months, being snatched from their mother and everyone they knew in life. The only silver, or shall I say, gold lining in this all is that Jocelyn Hurwitz can continue to invoice as the distressed but determined mother continues to fight for her children.
Jocelyn Hurwitz feels so bad for the children, it has affected her. In fact her hair turned gold from the grief.

And to keep the children under warps and ensure they never contact their mother, or perhaps tell anyone about their abuse, Ambrose set up audio/visual devices around the house to secretly record the children, which the children discovered.

You can imagine the tension in this home.

Chris Ambrose shows his planner where he has instruction on how to check the secret recording devices he has hidden in the house to record his children.
The children found the devices hidden in their room.
Ambrose leaves it in the children’s bedrooms. It looks like a USB but is actually a recording device which feeds into his computer.

Nice father.And here is an audio where the children confront their father about him secretly recording them. When he tries to lie to them saying the device is only a USB and cannot record and that he only uses it for work, one of the children says he does not work since he was fired for plagiarism.

He also put a recording device on Mia’s watch, which she later found out about to her distress.

Now some might say that these children are brats to object to being secretly recorded by their father, but just imagine the friction of living in a house where you never know when you are being secretly recorded.  And in turn, the children recorded their father.

This is not the kind of scene that ever went on with their mother.

Maybe the children are just plain unhappy. Ambrose, on the other hand, said that the children are abusing him, crying that they hit him.  One day, Ambrose chased Mia and she ran upstairs to escape. She threw a laundry basket at him to prevent him from entering her room. He complained that she might have killed him.

He cried that Matthew, when he was under age 13, punched him hard in the arm.

It would be fair to say that the children deeply resent their father. They know that he arranged to take their mother away and place them in this loveless home. Of course it could not have been done without the aid of three women in a room: the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, the custody evaluator, Dr,, Jessica Biren-Caverly and Judge Jane Grossman, who ruled that only the father may see his children.


Meantime, the children cannot see their mother whom they love and none of her warm and affectionate extended family,  The children are alone, miserable and under surveillance.  For 18 months they have been without their mother.  Just last month they reached out to reporter Wayne Dolcefino, who asked the judge to get involved. He was ignored.

As it stands now, as the divorce trial drags on between Ambrose and Karen, he has custody and for reasons which are incomprehensible.

Before we conclude this installment, number #7 in our series, of the Ambrose Papers,  I want to make a distinction between someone being gay and being a pedophile. They are not synonymous.  Ambrose may be both.

As a result of the divorce and custody proceedings, a lot of revelations cropped up concerning the man who would deny his children their mother.

Karen took hard drives from two of the couple’s laptops, which Ambrose primarily used, to have them forensically evaluated. When Ambrose found out he made a motion to have the evaluation stopped.
.Judge Jane Grossman ordered the investigation halted,

The good judge demanded the return of the hard drives to Ambrose and ordered that Karen not do any further forensic evaluation, or share what she discovered. The judge even demanded that Karen tell the court anyone she had told about the forensic investigation.

Among the website, Karen discovered Ambrose had visited were a raft of sites featuring young, gay Latino males. This might have been concerning to some less ravenous guardians ad litem, less compliant custody evaluators or less reckless judges, since the children are Latino, but all was fine with this trio of brigands.

The wanted any investigation into child porn quashed and fast. It almost worked too.

I spoke to a forensic examiner. I cannot mention where he works or his name. I can only say this: He is not being paid by any party in this lawsuit.

This examiner has an image of at least one of Ambrose’s hard drives from one of the laptop computers. The examiner told me that before he was tasked with investigating the hard drive’s image, he was made aware of the ruling of Judge Grossman.

While the hard drive was duly returned, apparently someone – but not Karen – kept an image. This was because it was suspicious that a judge would try to stop an investigation into possible child porn in a child custody dispute.

It aroused the suspicions of certain good people who insisted on continuing the investigation.  This was done evidently without the consent or even the knowledge of the mother and certainly not the target, Ambrose.

The fact of an ongoing investigation was not known to any of the parties or the lawyers as far as I could tell.

The forensic examiner, who spoke under condition of anonymity, because he is not authorized to speak on the matter, told me he employs forensic took kit [FTK].

He informed me that there was significant malware on the hard drive.  He explained various things related to virus and malware and I could only infer that there may have been a reason Ambrose might have planted it to prevent detection.  I also inferred that the sheer number of files may mean Ambrose does more than merely surf for porn. He might conceivably create and distribute content.

The Forensic Examiner explained how he got past the malware issue, then he said:

Examiner: Now comes the daunting task of physically looking at two and a half, 3 million files, one at a time, It is actually still ongoing.  I go through 20-50k files a day. Some files are separated out.  It tells you what type of file it is and obviously we look at certain types of files. When you’re looking at internet history, things like that, those things come up as just basic files and the only way you can tell what they are is to open them up and look at it. So that’s what the process is right now with that.

This guy [Ambrose] is not a good guy, He’s definitely done some bad things. We’re just trying to make sure that we lock everything down so when it all comes to be said and done, there is no doubt about what we have.

Frank Report: You have,,,  a clone of his laptop?

Examiner: We have an image, not a clone, an image from … the original hard drive….

Frank: What did you find so far?

Examiner: There is quite a long way to go on that. A lot of internet porn, searches, things like that….   He deleted a lot of things off of there. That’s what the hardest to do is to discern anything that’s been deleted. When the forensic file is made and those come back, they don’t come back up in in any kind of file name, You have to go through and search every single one of them, deleted files, blank space, things like that.  So, as I said, it is still ongoing. But there is no doubt that this guy was in, you know, ‘little shady situations’ here.

Frank: Child porn?

Examiner: It is difficult to say and I don’t want to put anything out there that is not 100 percent authenticated yet. But some of the content that he looked at… some of the pornography that he is looking at is very–  the [models] look young, but you can’t 100 percent tell for sure. And I even had the cyber investigator here from [another law enforcement agency] look at it. You know we work together. I actually put five pedophiles in jail here [with this cyber investigator] He [looked at the material on Ambrose’s hard drive] and said, “Yeah, that’s the kind of thing –maybe, maybe not.” You just never know if it is going to make it though court or not. It has to be 100 percent obvious [that the models are underage].  But looking at it you can definitely tell he is ‘looking young.’

{Looking young, I discerned, means someone likes to visit porn sites that have models that might be, or look like they are, under the age of 18. ]

Frank: Are the models boys and girls?

Examiner: Both

Frank: So there is a record of heavy porn visitation and you’re still investigating this, is that correct?

Examiner:  Yes this is still an ongoing investigation.

Frank: Have you considered or have you already brought it to the attention of the FBI? [federal jurisdiction]

Examiner:  On this case not yet The evidence is not yet 100 percent authenticated. Once I get that done it will. It will go up the chain.

Frank: You already put five in jail. Ambrose might, maybe he will be number six?

Examiner: Hopefully. Guys like that need to be under the jail, if you ask me.

Stay tuned for Part # 8. of the Ambrose Papers.  

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