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We the people hold right of expression in matters of political import, immune from government regulation when it serves the high purpose of self-rule, especially in protection of children, necessary for freedom in future generations, advocating violence to preserve the land of the free and the home of the brave is a necessity of liberty for all; family court judges, not so much. A well-regulated parental militia, being necessary, with dry powder and shot, aims at black robed tyranny; a little blood today preserves tomorrow’s freedom. Free people hold cause to remedy jewdicial misconduct:  Robinson, Adelman, Grossman, Truglia, Rodriquez, and Moukawsher.  Chilling redress by disbarment for zealous advocacy is call to arms.  Voiding due process retorts a Second Amendment flash-bang; Moukawsher begs violence, rather than vacating his disbarment order.  Let freedom ring!

Editor’s Note:  Tyrants may receive that for which they beg, a free people refresh The Tree of Liberty.