Private speech police roam the land of the free and home of the brave. They are funded by the chosen who act to subdue criticism by four-legged animals. These uneducated morons licensed as ‘private investigators’ act as domestic terrorists to undermine the Bill of Rights. Their prime target is the First Amendment. Criticize the chosen and be hunted by their flying monkeys.

Meet Brian Hedley, a California private investigator, license #26268, who works from a home office in Tracy, investigating free speech on the internet which his client, Lorie Nachlis, does not like. Nachlis achieved blog notoriety in a family case where father committed suicide after killing his nine year old son. Blog commentary does not sit well with Attorney Nachlis and her AFCC pals. By direction of freaky Nachlis, private dick Brian makes claim that the now famous blog spews ‘hateful and slanderous’ content regarding Nachlis. Like the blog ever compliments the evil of family court lawyers? There is general hatred for the conduct of family court and those who profit from it, commentary is protected speech. Poor private dick Brian thinks that anything un-complimentary is ‘slanderous’. Brian d’dick further claims that ‘anti-semitic’ language is DANGEROUS, which is effectively his sole claim to having blog speech scrubbed. See how the state licensee uses dishonesty, deceit, trickery, and fraud to profit from PI services?

Wave a private eye license, claim criticism is hate speech, play the anti-semitic card, then demand censorship in violation of the First Amendment, how cute, but quite prohibited under California PI licensing law. Trickery, deception, fraud is prohibited conduct under Brian’s private dick license. Lorie Nachlis employed Brian, incurring vicarious liability for his misconduct. The blog can’t make this shit up. Nachlis, an attorney subject to the rules of professional conduct under the California Bar, employed Brian Hedley to engage in harassment in violation of the First Amendment.

There is sinister conduct when a lawyer holds a press conference on a public sidewalk to provide her opinion about a tragedy of family court, then hires a private dick to censor commentary. The blog is left to conclude that Attorney Lorie Nachlis hired Brian Hedley to hunt free speech, seeking censorship under the rouse of anti-semitism, in violation of state law. How jewish. How laughable.

The blog provides a public service in spotlighting the evil of family court, please read responsibly. Don’t be a dick.

Attorney Nachlis holds press conference then cries over criticism.
Victim of protracted litigation pursued by Attorney Lorie Nachlis and her AFCC chosen ideology, from which she profited.
Brian Hedley, stalker of free speech.