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The Devil’s Custody Racket

The family court scam artists of lawyers and judges want you to believe they have magical abilities to determine what is best for your children.  In reality, only what is best for their wallets.  The racket of custody determinations is not based on law nor science.  It is a complete scam perpetrated on society by the most evil monsters known to mankind:  pedophiles.

Modern man developed the scientific method and experimental process designed to test hypotheses.  One can’t turn lead into gold by claim of an alchemist.  A custody determination based on the ‘discretion’ of a moron in a black robe is equivalent.  No cause exists to entertain ‘sole custody’, when state holds no compelling interest.  The modern custody battles are inventions of low life, anti-Christian lawyers of the Bar Association who find lucrative cause in pitting mother against father absent purpose in law.  A scam to plunder family savings for the benefit of lawyers, pursuing a hidden agenda to undermine the familial structure of society.

Modern man turns to science to address the custody decision in a divorce matter.  There are no standards of law in any state which dictate analysis.  All smoke and mirrors designed to mislead the public in what is a national child trafficking and racketeering operation known as family court.  Behavioural sciences do not deal in predictions or selection of a path leading to a future end.  Prophecy is not science in the modern world.  Contrary to the judicial discretion applied today, the ancients would at least examine pigeon entrails or tea leaves as a sound basis for predictions.  No such protocol in the family court.

The family court publicly relies on custody studies, custody evaluations, custody soup.  This is the veil of legitimacy cast on the public by monsters in black robes and their revenue sucking pets, fooling society into believing there is a just cause behind the child trafficking operation.  In reality, the academics of behavioural science have declared there is no scientific method to make custody determinations.  In the end, there is just random outcomes based on the most money for the lawyers.

Take the time to read the paper by Dr. R.E. Emery of the University of Virginia, coauthored by two fellow Ph.D’s, along with an editorial by Dr. Eleanor E. Maccoby of Stanford University.  A dozen years ago academia admitted the gig is up, there is no method to the madness of what drives the family court.  It is all a simple scam of lawyers fleecing family savings under the direction of a black robed crook. Pretty simple.

Don’t take the bait that the judge is exercising the state power of parens patriae, the father of all children, responsible for the well being of all children.  That is bullshit.  The child has two parents when they walk into court, it is the devil in black that erases one of them.  The parens patriae ‘doctrine’ in American jurisprudence is limited to neglect matters.  Otherwise, parents have control/custody over their offspring.  The old world concept of parens patriae originated from the power of the King, who was the supreme ruler of the kingdom and all who dwell therein.  The King held divine powers and was the head of the Christian Church.  More precisely, the head of the Catholic Church in his kingdom, subservient to the power of the Pope and the teachings of Christ.  In this context, parens patriae was a benevolent power based on church teachings.

Modern day family law has corrupted the old world power to be the basis of a lucrative custody fight for the sole financial benefit of the Bar Association.  Children are gifts from God in the Christian world.  Christ’s teachings abhor their employment as weapons of litigation for the sole purpose of billable hours.  Trading in child flesh is hallmark of evil.  There is no foundation in divinity to destroy parent-child bonds in the event the bond of marriage failed.  Only a corrupted cesspool run by the devil himself can create a financial cause for a custody fight under the color of state law.  The devil pursuing the destruction of Christian values based on the sin of greed by the unholy.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he did not exist.  No one noticed the horns and the tails on Judge Roger Pfaff, Meyer Elkins, Stanley Cohen, Judge Byron Lindsey, all of Southern California who spearheaded the destruction of marriage in society in the creation of the anti-Christian organization known as the AFCC.  These were the devils who pushed the anti-marriage agenda of ‘no fault’ divorce, which entered American society through Sacramento under the signature of Governor Ronald Reagan, who sadly admitted later in life that it was his greatest mistake.

The devil lives among us, he preys on our children, he often wears a suit, while carrying a briefcase, referring to himself as ‘attorney’.  At other times, he sits above us, wearing a black robe, calling himself a family court judge; wielding discretion.