AFCC Goats

Time to take a close look at the nefarious zionist child predator organization that calls itself an Association of Family Courts…the infamous AFCC. Nothing more than a national club of child traffickers and paedo protectors, this criminal enterprise is made up of judges, lawyers and court vendors who make their living plundering the savings of unsuspecting families who have the misfortune of walking into family court. The members are simply parasites, providing no useful purpose to a Christian society. They are so arrogant as to believe that their trafficking operations are exempt from federal and state taxes. No one knows why they are tax exempt, not even the IRS. But hey, why pay tax on profits made from child trafficking?

The Board of Directors is the manifestation of a zionist’s dream right out of the Frankfurt School of Social Deviancy. Another jewish game of parasites on the host society. Nineteen certifiable paedophiles who have dedicated their lives to stealing children and raping family savings accounts. Six judges, six lawyers, five psychologists and two therapists make up the Board of Racketeers. The AFCC President is Matthew Sullivan, PhD, a self described custody expert and master of forensic psychology, whatever the fuck that means.

Dr.Matthew Sullivan a self proclaimed scientific expert in a field of humanity, master snake oil salesman and all around child trafficker.

Dr.Matthew Sullivan, AFCC president, self proclaimed scientific expert in a field of humanity, master snake oil salesman and all around child trafficker. Head Goat!! Wife is a divorce lawyer.

Of notable note of the private, tax exempt AFCC, child trafficking operation is that there are six family court judges on the Board. Black robed child traffickers from Massachusetts, California, Australia, Wisconsin, Alaska and Canada. A truly international representation of paedophilia proponents. Those busy judges of an independent judiciary having time to run a worldwide network of child predators.

Judge Linda Fidnick of Massachusetts, Hampshire Family Court, life long AFCC player and dedicated child trafficker, acts as Secretary of the racket.

Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman of Los Angeles County, California family court. Hero of the local family Bar for efficiency at stealing children. Expert on all things mental. Very jewish! Husband is a divorce lawyer.

Judge Tom Altobelli is a family court clown from near Sidney, Australia. He comes from the largest ‘roo law firm of child traffickers, Watts McCray.

Judge Dolores A. Bomrad of Washington County, Wisconsin. She is the head chedder child trafficker in the county, at it for over thirty years. An AFCC purebred.

Judge Herman Walker, Jr. the only nigger in the cracker bunch is on the bench in Anchorage, Alaska. Focuses on complex divorces, ones with rich parents. He is also a Judicial Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an international child trafficking operation.

Judge Gerri L. Wong is a Canadian child trafficker on the bench in Chatham, Ontario. Former law guardian, practiced stealing children in the name of the state, while being local AFCC Chapter president.

The paedo-protecting, child-trafficking, family-savings-plundering association of parasites serves no purpose in a country where each state writes its own family relations law. The organization is designed to maximize revenue for the parasitic membership from what is otherwise a simple ‘no fault’ divorce system. It is a trade union for an industry which the bosses control. Foxes in the henhouse. Why are judges from an ‘independent judiciary’ sitting on the Board of an international racketeering operation? Other than to traffic children and protect paedophiles. These people are zionist Goats who spread evil throughout a Christian society. No fault divorce is a zionist invention to undermine the teachings of Christianity. AFCC is the zionist overlord organization to ensure that destruction of marriage is profitable for the jew. Note that the AFCC started in a Los Angeles courthouse by a bunch of jews and paedophiles, judges and lawyers working together to up their revenue from family matters, the judges upped their under the table kickbacks. It has not changed in over a half a century.

Peter Salem is the Executive Director of the zionist operation. Sells the souls of children to please his jewish masters. Paedophiles need protection and a steady stream of young children is needed to satisfy the Goats.

The AFCC Goats are controlling your local Family Court and all the vendors associated with it. Just ask them. To be in the game of plundering families and stealing children, you must be a member of the zionist society that controls it all. Apply for Membership today!!!

The Goats of AFCC are zionist profiteers organized to destroy families and steal their saving while raping the children. Rather un-American values.
AFCC unmasked.
Not your every day goats.
AFCC is all about money…and raping kids!