Evil of AFCC

A new book is out on the evil doings of the AFCC. Nothing like a good fireside read covering six decades of the dark hand of evil players bound together in their sinister ‘NET’ for the sole purpose of destroying American families and draining bank accounts.

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts” – AFCC – is a self-proclaimed “network” whose operators conspired to take-over the government system that determines child custody known as “Family Court.”  AFCC’s network is massive. It has tentacles in almost every institution of authority. It has a public face and a private face. It masks itself as well-intentioned and innocuous – a non-profit association that exists to benefit society by encouraging cooperation amongst dissolved family units – parents and minor children. AFCC hides its subterranean layer – its filth that condones sexual and psychological domination and control – its inclination towards misogynist creeds. This book proves Welfare Reform created an industry that administers psychological reprogramming on highly mistreated children.  This book follows the money – both Fatherhood and Violence Against Women and Children (VAWA) – and shows how each contribute and generate worlds of tainted research, training, and treatment methods. No one is safe in this transfer-of-wealth scheme run out of the courthouse.

The book reveals how money is the best interest of the human filth that makes up ‘family court’. Get your copy today on kindle or hard copy.

Expose on the evil of the AFCC