Whiner Geoff Herzog

The worn out drama of Connecticut pedophile drama is just worn out. Another twisted fuck up of a dad claims libel, slander, defamation for his pedo antics played out in the public forum known as family court. Oi vey! Will the jews ever stop? Geoff Herzog is such a misfit that he took four years to obtain a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. Let’s look at his case stats.

Filied in November 2015, he was finally a free man in June of 2019, by order of the infamous jew Judge Gould. In between, he spent a whole bunch of money, where the case involved 240 docket entries to get divorced, followed by another 70 post judgement entries that continue thru today. The judges involved are a hit parade of the family court clowns: Colin, Tindill, Gould, Heller, Truglia, Hartley-Moore, Strada, Fusco, and McLaughlin. What is Geoff’s malfunction that he needs so much court attention? Is he a pedophile? Strives to isolate his victims from their mother? What gives? The court lists over 200 ORDERS on the docket … wtf? How is Geoff so special that he needs so many orders?? 1945 days of litigation? Over what? He is such a good dad that he needs the court to keep the girls away from their own mother? What-a-guy!

If spending his life in Stamford family court is not enough of a waste for Geoff, he is suing people in civil court because of his hurt feelings from people talking ill of him. He is the plaintiff in a defamation suit that has been going on for the last twenty months based on an unintelligible complaint that someone talked ill of him …. call a whambulance!! Geoff has butthurt!! A frivolous suit that should have been dismissed the day it was filed, but the infamous den of pedophile protecting judges of Stamford drag it out. Povadator, Genuario, and Lee have entertained a claim of defamation by a pedo clown prancing around family court for all to see. Publicity is the price paid for litigation!

The new wave of pedo complaints against free speech in the name of defaming the character and reputation of child molesters is obvious. Only reason it is happening is the dark hand of the state pedo ring is worried about the growing volume of critics who identify the pedo games in the state court system. Silencing criticism is a jewish game. Public discussion of pedophile games was free speech, but now the jewish monsters will treat it as ‘defamantion’ … like that is going to fly?

Connecticut is well known for being a pedo playground. The perfect place to rape children. The cops are in on it, more likely to beat up the accuser than protect children, DCF is run by pedos, protecting the jewish delicacy of sucking little boy dick and raping little asses, therapists are expert at muzzling the kids, and of course the courts are the final arbitrator of the finding of child sexual abuse …. which is never proven, so the accusers must be guilty of DEFAMATION … the new jew legal play to eliminate witnesses to child rape. Only in Connecticut. The screams of children are silenced along with public discussion of what is a pedo scourge in the State.

Gonna need lots of bullets to stop the pedos in Connecticut, aim carefully.

Geoff Herzog, sorry clown thinking pedos are defamed.