The Less Than Honorable Richard N. Palmer of Corrupticut

Time to review the chain of pedo dots in the Connecticut cesspool of the State’s Attorney Office.  The pedo utopia only survives if it can protect the child molesters from the rule of law, which requires air cover from judges, prosecutors, cops and child protection services.  In Corrupticut no one can hear the children scream.

There is no crime in raping children if the prosecutors say there is no crime.  Instant protection administered by Kevin Kane and his band of child raping legal miscreants.  But Kane is a mere pedo puppet, look up the strings to find his master, the less than honorable Richard N. Palmer of the state supreme court and pedo overlord.  Pedo Palmer Boy is the judicial head of the Commission that oversees Kane and his pedo protectors.  Note that Connecticut CSAO has never convicted a child rapist.

Palmer is of deviant persuasion, no wife, no kids, associates with perverts of society and promotes a pedophile agenda under the guise of law.  A monster hiding in the light.  Palmer’s partnership with the unfit Robert N. Chatigny another deviant judicial miscreant of perverse legal opinions regarding child pornography, molestation and who abhors registration of sex offenders is more than a red flag.  Palmer boy will tell society that gay and goat marriage is acceptable by his twisted deviant legal analysis.  Justice Gay Boy Andrew J. McDonald is in the supreme circle jerk to provide anal support to Palmer and the pedo ring.

Putting the deviant judicial authority on top of the the prosecutors is genius.  The fox is in the henhouse and is guarding it as well.  The system is completely rigged from Palmer to Kane, to deviant prosecutors like Colangelo, Lawlor, Hardy, McShane, Smriga, Sedensky, Shepack, Preleski, Griffin, Regan, Gedansky, Platt, Mahoney.   Pedos are protected, children are trafficked and the pedophile agenda is promoted.  No one gets in the elite prosecutor club unless blessed by the pedo overlords.  Swearing pedo allegiance to uphold the right to access little boy ass is the pound of flesh required in exchange for the title of prosecutor.

The pedo power control system flows down through the municipal pedo police chiefs.  No one gets the town chief of police job who is not approved and controlled by the state pedo ring.  The chiefs have control over the local child trafficking operations through the muscle of a gun and a badge.  Police juvenile officers keep inventory of the available boy ass in town.  The Explorer programs get close to new victims.  Even the School Resource Officers are nothing more than pedo scouts hunting the target rich environment known as elementary school.

Your kid getting raped? Don’t look for help from state Child Protection Services.  That pedo protection unit is run by fellow supreme pedo protector Joette Katz.

Yes folks, the pedos have the game wired.  Society is being protected, watched over and guided by the pedos using public funds to ram kids in the ass all under the black robe of Justice Palmer and his pals.  The public is not allowed to criticize the jew, nor the gays and soon Judges Palmer and Chatigny will legally ensure that you will respect pedophilia.

Be scared, very scared.