Jew Jokeness

Time for some blog famous word salad to highlight the antics of the Connecticut family court in its constant efforts to fool the goy that the rule of law exists. We start with the constitutional term of ‘due process’, that special procedural path which upholds liberty and protects the rights of all. When the racketeers of the Bar get hold of it, the term morphs to ‘due jokeness’, as it truly has become a joke. The sale of legal services before the bench is just a criminal racketeering scam, where even the judges are out to fleece litigants; all judges having previously been lawyers fleecing clients. Judicial discretion is the new process for the goy. Like a thief in the night, discretion steadily chips away at the rule of law, until nothing but tyranny remains. Once the enlightened recognize that the thief in the night is the jew, the final term becomes ‘jew jokeness’. Welcome to Corrupticut.

We now spotlight Attorney Nancy Aldrich’s instant plea before Judge Adelman to close the courtroom. Due process for such a pleading is found in a useless text called the Connecticut Practice Book, a massive set of procedures set down by the judges themselves, defining court practices only to be ignored in real practice. Per section 25-59(e) of the ignored text, blog famous and retarded attorney Nancy Aldrich, the whore from Westport, is required to file a motion at least fourteen days prior to the start of the Ambrose trial stating the legal basis for her claim that the public be excluded from the public forum. She did not do this. She waited until the second day of trial to blurt out to her jew pal Adelkike that she demanded the court room be closed because this blog exists. Hardly a claim of merit and completely devoid of ‘due process’. The motion was to be placed on short calendar, with notice to the public of a hearing date where ‘We the people’ could appear to argue against closing the courtroom and politely tell Nancy that the First Amendment is not suspended because her fat, homosexual, child abusing, pedophile client likes to play with a child’s penis. Public right to scrutiny in the public forum outweighs all. The people are watching!!!

Attorney Aldrich demonstrates the ‘jew jokeness’ of the Connecticut Superior Court.

The blog takes note that it has become the foundation for pleadings to close a court room, issue gag orders and undermine the First Amendment, by the reasoning of a licensed attorney in Connecticut. The blog also notes that it is only the jews of the legal profession and the jews of the judiciary who entertain complaints about the now famous blog. The editors and contributors take that as a high compliment!

Now fuck off!

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