Detective Mark Conway: Child Abuse Investigator

Should the public be concerned that Watertown Police have a case open on William J. Grohs?  The father of Evey and Sophia, two little girls who have been isolated from their mother by the madman?  What is the evil purpose of keeping two girls away from mom?  Brainwashing?  Torture? Deviant behavior?  Spite?  Something more sinister?

But why is there a Detective from Watertown Police Department snooping around asking public questions about abuse of the Grohs girls?  What investigative technique is applied by Det. Mark Conway that seeks information of child abuse from the public.  The girls are caged on 227 Woodbury Road.  Cut off from family and friends.  No hugs from mom, no playpals from their neighborhood.  The WPD was previously instructed by child protective services to visit the girls to confirm their well being.

Has William’s isolation game risen to the level of criminal activity that Watertown Police opened a case and assigned a detective?  Is Department of Children&Families too afraid to go near William and the self proclaimed step mother, Vickie Frenzel; so they turn the investigation over to the police?  What dangerous drama is playing out behind the scenes in the sleepy hamlet of Watertown?

Public interest has been piqued.