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Shoot The Lawyers!

Another year has passed in the alternate universe of family court. Notice how nothing changed? The classic jewish mind trick of creating chaos and confusion, but the Zionist agenda still prevails. The more citizens clamour about reform, the more hearings held, the more bills proposed, petitions signed, horrific stories told, the more nothing changes. The sole basis of the power of family court to torture children, protect paedophiles, plunder family savings, destroy parent-child bonds, remains jewdicial discretion; the whim of the jews upon the goy.

Want reform? Want the rule of law over the rule of jews? Well, if American history tells us anything, it is that nothing changes until bullets start flying. Since 1776, bullets raise the issues and settle the score, from a colonial musket ball to a .50 cal max of today, bullets really do work wonders. Let’s expound upon the wisdom of Dick The Butcher in William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI, Part 2 written in 1591, where he logically states “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” Application of this old English societal reform to present day family court holds cause and efficiencies not achievable by political or judicial action. Why take an entire day off work to go to the state house to wait in line to speak for 3 minutes on how a jewish lawyer appointed as a GAL plundered the family savings account while providing unfounded recommendations? A .50 cal to the head takes care of the problem. Not only is there no GAL left to file a motion of contempt for non-payment, the word gets out quickly that GALs are not immune to bullets.

Tired of the court scam of appointed ‘psychologists’ to charge ridiculous amounts of money to apply jewish psycho-babble in the fraudulent form of a ‘forensic evaluation’, more precisely known as a ‘baseless biased opinion’ directed by the judge? Pop! A .45 right between the eyes provides a cranial therapeutic probe, which not only cures the delusion of expertise, it also serves to discourage other quacksters from promoting similar snake-oil in a public forum.

Had enough of the court sponsored character assassinations brought on by opposing counsel in the name of protracted litigation and billable hours? Pop, pop! Two 9mm’s to the head, eliminates the need to file a reply brief, saving ink and paper, while giving a more pronounced definition to frivolous and vexatious litigation.

In specifics, the world would be a better place had a modern day Dick The Butcher popped Attorney Reuben Midler, Attorney Michael Meehan and Judge Donna Heller preventing them from destroying the Dulos family. Properly lined up, a single .50 cal would have done all three at once. What a prettier world it would be, if Jen was still with us. Dick The Butcher would have been righteous in employing a meat cleaver to severe the head of Judge Barry Pinkus prior to Baby Aaden being tossed off the Middletown Bridge. The little bambino would be six years old now had it not been for the incompetent and quite jewish Pinkus. Dick The Butcher would have a chop fest with the judiciary committee. Handing up a nice fillet of Representative Rosa Rebimbas, the notorious GAL who masturbates to the cries of children separated from mothers based on her perverted recommendations. Nice sausages, rich in fat, from the ground up Senator John Kissel, shadow architect of statutes designed to hide GAL fees from the IRS. Some dark offal for the wolves from the putrid Eric Coleman, cock sucker to the great white paedophiles of the state. And what say the Old English Butcher with regard to the jews, dykes and queers in black robes? Fine meat pies with gravy from Bozzutto, Adelman, Murphy, Munro, Wetstone, Suarez, Emons, Williams, Albis, Ficeto and the like? Hannibal Lechter would add a fine chianti.

What societal improvements brought on by the simple application of The Butcher’s philosophy. The carnage would not even need to be widespread, one or two GALs, a couple court whore psychologists, a few supervised visitation specialists, a selection of family court attorneys, the famous ones, like Rose Marie Guiliano, Steve Dembo, Ciel Gersten, Rhonda Morra, Margaret Bozek, Kate Haakonsen, Jim Ruel, Deb Eisenberg, Meghan Sweeney, Jackie Conlon, Wayne Effron, Sam Schoonmaker, Campbell Barrett, just to name a few. The word gets out quickly as to the demise of the racketeers, the talmudic tyranny and the Butcher’s remedy … bullets.

Of great application of bullets to the right of public scrutiny would be the use of belt-fed ammo to the judicial chambers. The lead keeps flying until a copy of the secretive ‘family court bench book’ is dislodged from its hiding place. The book upon which family court judges rely for formulating ‘orders’ to fuck over the goy, having its own Library of Congress call number, but strangely hidden from public view by order of the judges themselves. Always start by shooting up Martin Libbin’s office, he knows were all the bodies are buried, get him to talk then let the Butcher make some chewy kosher jerky out of him.

To affect the Butcher’s philosophy with minimal left wing objections, simply apply blackface, carry signs to suggest black lives matter, demand social justice for the poor and oppressed, loot a few stores, burn a parking garage, spray paint BLM in indigo orange on the sidewalks, smash some windows, demand student debt cancellation, while marching down Washington Street in Hartford … simple.

Celebrate Shakespeare and protect the children in the new year, shoot a lawyer!

Just do thy Butcher’s bidding!
Belt fed reform!!
The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
For Shakespearean actors who don’t want to wake the neighbors.