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Dead Yet?

Is she dead? Maybe she is not dead? What is the evidence to show she is not dead? What is the evidence to show she is dead? Preponderance of evidence? Beyond a reasonable doubt? The jews of Connecticut display their games of arguing to generate billable hours for Bar members. Judge Evelyn Daly plays along to ring up profits for her Bar pals and to pocket her commission for orchestrating the scam.

Meet nut job and human miscreant Evelyn Daly, a total moron with a law degree from the diploma mill known as the Western New England School of Law, a borderline mental institution catering to the intellectually challenged who suffer from delusions of grandeur and psychotic episodes of being legal scholars who can benefit society. Judge Daly has called for an evidentiary hearing to determine the deadness of Jen Dulos. Generally, if a person goes ‘missing’ there is a customary waiting period of seven years which the courts apply to make a presumption of death. Even after seven years, ‘missing’ persons who want to be missing are alive and well under another identity, but their former self is declared dead for whatever administrative purposes require. Really not the case with our beloved Jen.

Murder victims are missing persons when the body is hidden and there is no evidence of foul play. In Jen’s case, there is plenty of evidence of foul play and that she is a victim of a murderer or two. Leaving a large portion of her blood on the garage floor is not suggestive of a ‘missing’ person, but rather a murdered person. Missing mothers are not known for abandoning five children. Missing moms do not arrange for an adulterous husband and side ho’ to discard their bloody clothing in slum neighborhoods of Hartford. But in Judge Daly’s twisted mind, Jen is just not dead enough to be dead and is merely missing. Got the jewish logic?

Generally a plain missing person case does not involve persons suspected of ‘murdering’ the missing. A missing person does not have a husband who is a murder suspect. A missing person does not have local, state and federal law enforcement agencies investigating an adulterous husband and his side bitch. A missing person case does not involve state arrest of persons suspected of making the person go missing, that is what normal people call a homicide. A missing person’s husband does not commit suicide, to avoid being jailed. Really think that all this time, money and effort is to look for a missing person? The search is about finding the corpse of the victim of a murder.

The State of Connecticut charged hubby and ho’ and Mahwinney with murder and conspiracy to commit murder on 7 January 2020. The arrest warrants were sworn and submitted by the State’s Attorney, then issued by a judge of the Superior Court. There are no charges of creating a missing person. But now Evelyn Daly, the retard, thinks she can rule Jen is alive, but missing? This is another Connecticut shit show brought to you by the inbred morons of the Bar.

Judge Evelyn Daly may just be the dumbest judge in all of Connecticut. A special protective detail should be assigned to help her cross the street without endangering motorists. Medications may help the out of control brain functions that causes her judicial confusion and bed wetting. The court system murdered Jen Dulos by hand of Judge Heller in denying her a simple, quick, no-fault divorce. Now Judge Daly wants to obscure the fact that the court is capable of murder by veiling the obvious in an inapplicable interpretation of law, to enrich her Bar buddies in the name of probate.

Jen Dulos is not a missing person, she is a corpse, victim of murder. Judge Daly is just part of the scam of Connecticut judicial abuse. Judge Daly’s hearing is scheduled for 10 February.

Idiot, mentally deranged nut job Judge Evelyn Daly, needs a hearing to see if Jen Dulos is dead enough.
Sleezebag lawyers Weintein and Hug running up billable hours pretending to provide legal services in probate court, just another jewish game for lawyers to make money off of dead people.
Murdered Jen Dulos is not dead enough for Judge Daly, more legal fees required to argue the issue.