Chief Justice Robinson’s Manifest For Baby Aaden

Justice Richard A. Robinson is the next Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, the first black man to take on the role in the state’s history.  Here is his manifesto to clean up the family court cesspool left to him by his white jewish predecessors.

  1.  Jewdicial discretion will be removed from the lucrative custody battles; absent an interest by the state, raised by the executive branch through Department of Children and Families, joint custody will be awarded.
  2. State law will be upheld.  CGS 46b-56(b) requiring active and consistent involvement of both parents will be enforced.  The judges will not be allowed to employ children as weapons in litigation.
  3. GALs, if appointed, will be paid for by court from public funds.  Proper contracts between the state and the attorneys will be required, terms conditions, warranties, required invoices, subject to state audit and most importantly proper tax reporting of fees, which will not be $350/hr.
  4. Immunity for GALs working under state contract is revoked.
  5. Claims for supervised visitation will be tried to a jury.  Supervisors will be under state contract, paid by court.
  6. In memory of Baby Aaden, all children caught up in adversarial family disputes will be appointed a GAL, paid for by the court.  GAL training will be by Office of Chief Public Defender not the judges of family court and their pet vendors.
  7. Filing fees for family matters will be waived.  The family court is a special division of the system which is a special public service, the state has no interest in fleecing citizens for access to this service.
  8. Family Relations Division will be transferred to DCF.  It is a conflict of interest for the judges to run their own private counseling operation over cases presided.  Judges are paid to decide cases not supervise social services.
  9. The practice book, Chapter 25 will be revised to include a specific set of instructions for complying with child support law.  Modifications will be directed to FSM and all legal services performed by the state as required by federal law.
  10. The discriminatory forms of the financial affidavit will be eliminated.  Different forms for different levels of income have no purpose in a court.
  11. Judge Carroll will be removed as Chief Court Administrator.
  12. Judge Solomon will be removed as Deputy Chief Court Administrator.
  13. Neither Carroll nor Solomon will have any future contact with family court operations.
  14. Judge Arron Ment will be removed from the Administrator’s Office permanently.
  15. Judge Adelman will be reassigned out of family division, for a long list of misdeeds and for sworn statement before the legislature that judges don’t want to hear family cases.
  16. Judge Wetstone will be reassigned out of family division for her past misconduct of punishing a mother by taking away her kids.
  17. Judge Pinkus will be forever barred from hearing family matters, R.I.P. Baby Aaden.
  18. Judge Emons will be removed from the family bench for her trafficking in the Fish case.
  19. Judge Schofield will be removed from the family bench for her past threats to litigants and her post judgment custody sting operations on wealthy litigants.
  20. Judge Bozzuto will be removed as Administrative Judge of Family Division.
  21. Judge Ficeto will be removed from the family court for her protection of child abusers and harm to children.
  22. Retired Judges Dranginis and Munro will be barred from family matters for past misconduct and to restore the integrity of the courts in the eyes of the people.
  23. Judges from outside family division will be immediately rotated in to counter the statement by Judge Katz that it is the land of ‘broken toys’ for which judges shun.  The confidence of the public in its judges and courts must be restored.
  24. Department Director of Legal Services Martin Libbin, Esq, will be removed from his position along with his assistant and all court operations staff associated with family court.
  25. The family court bench book will be made public and available in every courtroom.
  26. Automatic orders for family court will be eliminated as being unconstitutional, failure of due process and denial of equal protection.
  27. Judicial department employees will be barred from participation in the AFCC organization will be prohibited as being a conflict of interest.  It is reaffirmed that there is no such process as a ‘custody evaluation’ nor does any person have the ability to create such.
  28. Court orders for ‘therapy’ will be based on a professional diagnosis, not jewdicial whim.  The judges are prohibited from ‘appointing’ therapists who hold no contract with the state.  Therapy must be deemed medically necessary by a professional.
  29. Lawyers on the judiciary committee, like Rebimbas are conflicted out of serving as a GAL.
  30. The Regional Family Trial Docket (RFTD) is eliminated.

See how a black man fixes a white jewish problem?

Baby Aaden, victim of the jewish family court.

Black man fixing a white problem.