Judiciary ’21

Let’s hear it for the next session of Connecticut Judiciary Committee! Announcing that the favorite committee of government corruption will be chaired by a nigger and a jew. Oi vey, a match made in the backrooms of Corrupticut politics to thwart rule of law, undermine the Constitution and preserve jewish control of the people’s courts.

Big black boy from New Haven, Gary Winfield will be kept in check by his jewish overlords to make sure that disgruntled family court litigants do not use the committee to highlight the injustices committed by the jewish family court under the control of king jew, Judge Elliot Solomon. Old news, Winfield is worthless and previously tried to distance himself from the demise of jew Judge Jane Emons, when she was kicked off the bench by the will of an abused sovereign people (goy).

The real excitement is jew Vice Chair Senator Alexandra Bergstein out of Greenwich. The super rich bitch is going through her own Corrupticut style divorce in Stamford, before the evil jewish Judge Donna Heller. Remember Heller was the jew judge who strung Jen Dulos out for years, bleeding her bank account for the benefit of jewish lawyers, ending in her demise by psycho hubby. So much for a simple, quick ‘no fault’ divorce. But don’t look for ‘reform’ from Alexandra, she is so messed up in the head that she spent the last fifteen years in a loveless marriage with three kids only to discover that she is a lesbian, who started eating pussy in 2008. She recently announced that she and former staff assistant Nichola Samponaro are licking each other’s lips. Hubby Seth Bergstein is big rich jew guy at MorganStanley. Don’t think for a minute that he was not getting laid for the last 15 years, while they kept separate bedrooms in their mansion at 541 Lake, in Greenwich. But this is Connecticut, Seth and Alexandra are jews, there is money, the jew lawyers and jew judges are going to pick the Bergstein family clean. Mom has duel representation, sleeze ball Gary Cohen and the crooks at SchoonmakerColin, all jews. Dad has slimy Gaetano Ferro . MorganStanley has a lawyer. Top jew lawyer Wayne Effron even got himself a piece of the pie by representing sister-in-law Bertini Bergstein. Even mom’s lesbian love snatch is represented by CacaceTusch. This is not going to be just a divorce it is going to be a family feud and a bank robbery!

Current stats on the ‘no fault’ divorce are: 6 law firms, 25 months of litigation, no end in sight, 160 docket entries, 4 judges, Shay, Truglia, Hartley-Moore and Heller, 22 court orders, half by Heller, no trial management schedule, no trial date, looks a lot like the same treatment the Dulos family got in the same court house with the same jew judge. Taking bets when Mrs. Alexandra V. Bergstein ‘disappears’? Hartford incinerator or Long Island Sound? Curious there is no GAL to help fuel the conflict; guess the appearing attorneys can do it without GAL assistance.

The pleadings are so good that the jewish shill of Windsor, Kevin Rennie has posted some on his blog with irreverent commentary. Always fun to read what other jews have to say about the jewish game of family court. With the jew and the nigger chairing the judiciary committee, nothing at all will happen to take control of the corrupt family court from the jews who run it. It is by design that two clowns would be put in charge of the only committee that could possibly undermine King Solomon’s absolute power over the family court, the money it steals, and the children it destroys. Due process and legislative authority derailed by the jews of Connecticut.

Editor’s Note: Alexandra recently changed her name to Alexandra Morachy Kasser, a combination of her father’s surname and mother’s maiden name, in an effort to distance herself from the man to whom she is still married.

State Senator Alexandra V. Bergstein, lesbian, nut job, family court litigant, going to learn the hardway.($19M trust fund, house in Milford, two houses in Nantucket)
Seth Bergstein, Director at MorganStanley, the current WHALE being slaughtered by Connecticut Family Court.($8M/yr salary)
Chief Jew Judge of Stamford Family Court Donna Heller, fleecing jews for money; Bergstein’s gonna make the Dulos case look like pocket change.
Dumb nigger Sen. Garry Winfield, place holder to allow the jews to do what jews do best!!
Nichola Sampanaro, lesbian pussy lickin’ love interest of whack nut Sen. Alexandra Bergstein