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Dumb Judges

Why does society entrust divorce/family matters to judges who can’t even count to First Amendment? The brainless wonders of family court across the nation just do whatever they want, however they want, claiming it is in the best interest of a kid. The Constitution does not apply. These clowns are jerks. The Florida Appeals Court just hammered another family court judge for being a complete idiot when it comes to the First Amendment, which begs the question, if family court is too inept to get the First Amendment correct, why trust them with kids?

A jerk of a family court judge issued a set of gag orders on the parents, which constituted prior restraint … forbidden in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Mother, Arlene Delgado, appealed the unconstitutional orders in Miami with counsel Laline Concepcion-Veloso. The decision was short and sweet, prior restraint is un-constitutional and the orders were struck. The decision noted that the ‘gag’ was issued sua sponte, where no hearing was held, another example of lack of due process in the family system. What is the purpose of a ‘family court’ that cannot protect litigants constitutional rights, then applies its unlimited discretion to fuck up the kids? Note that it took nine months for the Florida Court System to correct the error of the family court, where .308 ball ammunition would have been quicker to deal with domestic enemies. A moron of a general magistrate and a trial court judge who slept through their classes on constitutional law? Could not spend five minutes to google gag orders in family court? Have never heard the term ‘prior restraint’. C’mon people, can’t see the game yet? Inflict harm, incite protracted litigation, violate the Constitution, just to keep the legal fees flowing.

Note that both mom and dad had lawyers, meaning Arlene Delgado of Miami and Jason Miller of D.C. have money. Lawyers love money. Any half-brained attorney could see that ‘prior restraint’ is a no-no and simply enter a stipulation to the trial court Judge Ivonne Cuesta that an error occurred and a simple remedy is required to fix. However, Judge Cuesta is a nut case in a black robe who is an illegal immigrant from Cuba of no constitutional intellect, obtaining a law degree from a diploma mill. She is known to be abusive, unprepared in court, ignorant of the law, and exhibits courtroom yelling and screaming just to let everyone know when she is on the rag. One dumb cunt. But hey, the lawyers just played their clients to fatten their wallets and to pay for their coke habits, after all, this is Miami!!

Mother Arlene took up the appeal, for no reason other than she had money and her lawyer Laline Conception-Veloso needed the fees, as she is a professional ‘family law’ attorney who will litigate summer camp for a buck. Dad Jason’s lawyer is Sandy T. Fox, who specializes in high net worth family court litigants (suckers). The appellate court even labelled the trial court litigation as “pugilistic”, which is exactly what the lawyers and judges want to keep the money flowing, a good old boxing match where the family gets destroyed and their bank drained. See that pretty boy Sandy Fox had to argue against the First Amendment in order for he and Laline to make money on the appeal…lawyers represent their financial interest not their clients.

And you thought this was a Constitutional issue of prior restraint; just another racketeering operation sponsored by the jews who run family court across the country.

Read more about the parents here.

Cuban nut job Ivonne Cuesta, dumb cunt on the bench can’t count to First Amendment. Another family court p.o.s.
Professional pick pocket, Laline Conception-Velosa, fueling family conflict for $$$$. Pugilistic!
Sandy T. Fox, specializes in arguing against the First Amendment and fleecing high net worth parents. Scum.
Arlene Delgado with son William, love child of Jason Miller. Both were on Trump campaign staff, Miller is married with two daughters.