Christmas Visit?

Here is a shout out to all those divorced parents in Connecticut who will not be seeing their children this Christmas, courtesy of the Grinch-in-Chief of the Family Court, the jew Elliott Solomon. Remember, he trained all the family court judges in the Cesspool.

The jewish legal theory of visitation subsequent to ‘no fault’ divorce is of course jewdicial discretion. Whatever the jew in the black robe feels like, that is what you get for visitation. No law, no standards, no equal protection, just whim which will vary from judge to judge depending on the foul mood of the moron in black. The zionists love this part because they can permanently fuck up a Christian family by letting one parent use the children as weapons against the other. Legalized intentional infliction of emotional distress for everyone! Oh, Kundry is laughing!!!

Not all states are like the Cesspool of Connecticut. Right next door is New York which also has ‘no fault’ divorce, where Elliot the jew is not in charge. Here, visitation is a right reserved to the non-custodial parent and to the child. It is not a game of chance played on the bench by non-Christian judges. The state further requires that visitation be ‘frequent and regular’ in order to be ‘meaningful’. No one is allowed to control visitation other than the court, which must issue a schedule.

How two neighboring states in the grand Union could treat children so differently. One has jew boy Elliott Solomon fucking up everything Christian and the other has a secular rule of law and rule of visitation. As the legislature returns in February, the black boy on the judiciary committee, Senator Gary Winfield will be asking questions to the jewish judges of family court why there is no ‘right’ of visitation under Corrupticut law. Why Nutmeg Christians are subject to the jewish wrath of Solomon’s discretion, when the Empire Christians are protected by rule of law holding a right of visitation?

A poor black child in the Cesspool has no right to visitation with non-custodial poor black daddy. But just a few miles away in the Empire State, the poor black daddy has a right to visitation with his child, no matter what baby momma say. New York niggers are protected by law, but Nutmeg niggahs are subject to jewdicial rule of discretion…Solomon style! New York baby mommas have to take the kids to visiting days when nigger daddy is incarcerated. No nigger daddys in Connecticut get court ordered visits while doin’ time, not what da jews want for nigger daddy. Black boy Chief Justice Richard Robinson is nigger-in-chief who ensures Connecticut niggers don’t have no stinkin’ visitation rights like those New York nigger daddys…just another day in the cesspool.

Cracker cunt Janet DiFiore sits atop the New York Court of Appeals, who decided years ago that visitation is a RIGHT, not subject to discretionary whim of a fucked up jewish family court judge. Nigger Boy Robinson sits atop the Connecticut Supreme Court who denies such right to nigger daddys and their babies in the cesspool. The world is black and white!

Connecticut nigger daddys have fewer rights than New York nigger daddys…like they are special!!!! Welcome to Amurika!

Gary WInfield, State Senator representing Jewish Capitol of New Haven, where nigger daddys have no visitation rights.
Jew King Elliott Solomon White Man Talmud Ruler, ensuring no visitation rights for nigger daddys.
Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman, ensuring no rights of visitation for nigger daddys in Corrupticut. Talmud rule!
Radio Boy Robinson, no visitation rights for nigger brothers in Connecticut, he makes sure of it!!!
New York Chief Justice ensures niggers have visitation rights, unlike the niggers in Connecticut.
Jewish mole Steve Stafstrom will lynch Winfield before nigger daddys get rights to visitation.