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Thin Blue Pedo: Officer Joe Devoe

The one constant hallmark of the pedo family court is the use of police muscle to protect pedo interests.  Recently the Third Department Appellate Court of the State of New York unleashed a scathing scolding of pedo games played out under Judge Jill Kehn and her psycho appointee Dr. Jackie Bashkoff, Ph.D. on a mother, Lori Davis of Columbia County.  Justice Christine Clark did expose the pedo games of child trafficking, psychobabble and deprivation of rights played to steal a child from his mother, under the guise of ‘law’.  See Matter of Montoya v Davis.  And see famous blog article on the sinister involvement of Dr. Bashkoff.

So what does Dr. Bashkoff do to protect her compromised professional reputation?  Justice Clark threw Bashkoff under the bus with such velocity as to ensure Bashkoff is effectively banished from the family court forever.  Bashkoff goes whining to the thin blue pedo protective muscle of the child predators known as Guilderland Police Department under the dykish and deviant leadership of Chief Carol J. Lawlor.  Bashkoff makes a ‘complaint’ that the public is talking about her predatory misconduct played out in the public forum of a court of law.  Bashkoff, of such psychological defect and delusion she claims to be a victim of the free speech of a society who holds no tolerance nor compassion for those deviants who prey on children by unscrupulous private agendas.  Obviously, this professional psychologist thinks public commentary about her incompetence is some form of criminal conduct.  Delusional psychosis indeed.

Needless to say, the thin blue pedo protectors of the Guilderland Police jump right on the complaint from Bashkoff.  Sworn law enforcement Officer Joe Devoe leads the charge to seek out the free citizens exercising freedom of expression regarding public happenings in the public court forum.  Yes, Officer Devoe is an idiot.  Expending taxpayer resources to hunt down free speech of which Bashkoff complains.  Sworn to uphold the law, Devoe, under the blessing of his dykish boss Chief Lawlor applies his thin blue muscle to violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, because some incompetent bitch is exposed for being a predator to children.  The thin blue muscle is pedo muscle, using public funds to crush any criticism of those child traffickers who operate in family court.

So the next time you drive by the Guilderland Police Station, give two toots of the horn to let the pedos in blue know that their game is obvious.  A gun, a badge and an attitude is not public service.  The clowns in blue do not know the law, do not protect society, do not uphold the Constitution.  Just a bunch of uneducated pedo thugs who can’t count to the First Amendment.  Terrorists among us.  Be scared, very scared.

Guilderland Police Chief Carol J. Lawlor, using blue muscle to hunt anti-pedo critics. Enemy of the First Amendment, terrorist, pedo protector.

Guilderland Police Officer Joe Devoe, have coffee with a cop and teach him about law and the First Amendment.

Thin Blue Pedo Line

Guilderland Terrorist Officer Joe Devoe hunting free speech to protect butthurt of pedo Dr. Jackie Bashkoff. Blue pedo muscle.

Guilderland Police. Pedo muscle funded by taxpayers.

Thin blue pedo muscle, protects and serves child predators.

Dr. Jackie Bashkoff, pedohile child trafficker slammed by the Appellate Court for being a court whore.  Now a victim of butthurt over public criticism of public matters.