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Zealous Jewery

The attack on Christianity by the jews of the New York Jewdiciary is a page straight from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the playbook on how to fuck up a host society. The NY Court of Appeals does not even try to hide their jewism in the administration of justice over the Empire State.

The jewdicial game played on the goy in a representative democracy is to thwart the LAW of the people by application of self-created RULES of the court. A right to appeal to the Empire’s high court is codified in CPLR 5601, enacted by the legislature requiring review of cases involving a matter of constitutional construction. This is a right of the people, codified in law, obligating the court to review the claim. But not in the chosen jewdiciary! The sleazy jews, holding cause to undermine the Bill of Rights, do not allow the high court to re-enforce the intent of the founders. The jewish agenda is to defeat the First, Second, Fifth, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments by slowly chipping away at them, so the goy don’t suspect the trickery. Back in the 1930’s, the jewdiciary enacted its own ‘practice’ of denying appeals on constitutional questions that were not ‘substantial’. Jewery creates a new standard to constitutional protections, allowing ‘non-substantial’ deprivations of rights to be ignored. Very clever, Very jewish. The goy never saw it coming. The legislature never approved it, but goy law is defeated!

The most memorable example of the jewdicial thwarting defense of the Constitution came in Kachalsky v Cacace, where Judge Susie Cacace of Weschester, denied Alan Kachalsky his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, a matter of constitutional construction which any American can identify. The matter goes to the high court, where zealous jewery works its magic to dismiss the appeal. The Second Amendment is not supported by jewery, therefore goy cannot appeal denial of gun rights committed by other jews. Oh, wait, the question raised is not ‘substantial’ enough under the jewish rules of accessing the high court, therefore it is dismissed, the goy right extinguished.

So clever, so jewish, almost sounds legal until the failure of due process is exposed by the tyrants in black. A denial of rights under the Second Amendment is of great substantial cause, as the dismissal only invites imminent lawless action by Patriots with long guns and .308 ball ammunition, which is quite effective at the short distance in the Hall of Appeals where the domestic enemies of the Constitution would fall like ducks at the retort of the People’s dissent.

Time to wonder if ‘We the people’ are too distracted to see the jewish subversion of the Constitution? Are the judges inciting an uprising? Are there no Patriots among us who can shoulder a musket and let fly in defense of liberty? Will we finally make a stand on the ramp to the boxcar, with no guns, no ammunition, no expression, no rule of law, stripped of all that the Founding Fathers created, by not sighting in on the zealous jewery that affects our daily lives?