Jew Lawyers For Children, Inc.

Time to introduce another jew lawyer executing the zionist agenda in family court acting in the name of children’s rights. Meet Karen Freedman, Esq., a miscreant of a human, using state funds to advance the jewish need to destroy parent-child relationships … because she is jewish.

Karen Freedman has no purpose in life, no one wants her, no one needs her advice, she is a parasite to society, pretending to act in the jewish form of ‘best interest’ of the children. Her most recent debacle smacked her in the face last week when the NY Appellate Court, 1st Department had to lecture her on parental bonds, visitation rights, and human decency. This blog cannot confirm that Freedman is human.

The case is the classic fuss of divorced mother wanting to keep her daughter away from the father. Just another kike who can’t recognize the Fourth Commandment and suffers from buyers remorse for fucking dad and creating a child in the first place. Oi vey, what complaints come to family court!!! The State of New York, pays Freedman’s child trafficking company, Lawyers For Children, Inc to be the AFC for the kid, who works in conjunction with mother’s counsel Sandra Spennato to argue against visitation. Child isolation from a parent is such an evil act that the federal government defines it as child abuse. But hey, NY jews like Freedman don’t give a shit about the law of the goyim.

The justices of the 1st Department were not amused by the argument against nine decades of visitation case law. It is well settled that visitation is a right of the non-custodial parent. The State can only deny such right in exercising parens-patriae powers in protection of the child, meaning the parent must be a harm to the child to terminate visitation rights. The jews invoke the junk science of psychology under the Frankfurt School of psycho-babble that because the 14 year old has been brainwashed by mom into ‘hating’ dad then visitation will ‘harm’ the child. See the jewish logic there?

Newsflash: Parent-child relationships do not turn on the marital status of the parents. But the jews want it otherwise. Destruction of familial bonds gives Kundry an orgasm. Christian concept of family is abandoned in NY Family Courts.

The New York Law Tribune writes up a lame piece quoting Freedman’s dog Shirim Nothenberg claiming that the Attorney For The Child was disappointed that they could not isolate the four-legged calf from its father. It was a defeat for zionism. As well, author Jason Grant quoted Sandra Spennato, mother’s incompetent counsel, who cried over the ‘forced’ visitation order and vowed to bring her zionistic claim to the NY Court of Appeals. (No chance). This bitch is young and stupid, arguing against the sunrise for a few sheckles in her purse. The case was so lame the father did not even bother to appear to argue to uphold what is settled case law. Only jews and queers run to court to argue against humanity.

Jason’s effort at Law Tribune writing is a pathetic. Visitation is a right. The mother in this case has no standing to argue against a right of the father, the appeal should have been dismissed for lack of standing. The State was not appearing in action to protect the child from harm, as there was no harm. Listening to mother’s screeching that her daughter actually has a father, whom mom fucked to produce the child is just a meritless and frivolous action, being a violation of Rule 3.1 and 3.2. But, hey, since when do jews follow the Rules?

The 1st Department under Presiding Justice David Friedman is playing its own jew games, lending ‘great weight’ to a child’s opposition to visitation. The jews work this in to defeat the Fourth Commandment. Older case law in NY dismisses the child’s objection, as it would only serve to defeat the right. See how slippery these AFCC jews are today? Parents have a right to visitation, but the jew will subdue the right on claim of the brainwashed opinion of the kid. Only a jew could make this argument. In reality, there was no cause to appeal Judge Jacob K. Maeroff’s family court order for visitation. Just another waste of state funds and court time brought to you by dumb cunt Karen Freedman and her jewish pals. Encouraging conflict, dragging children into false parental battles fueled by miscreant lawyer’s need for revenue is simply a jew’s game and they are good at it!

Denial of visitation can only be made on evidence of harm to the child. Herb v Herb, 8AD2d 419 (1959). Visitation is a right to the non-custodial parent only denied by exceptional circumstances. Weiss v Weiss, 52 NY2d 170,175.(1981). Improper to condition visitation rights on ‘willingness’ of child as it defeats the right. Eylman v Eylman, 23 AD2d 495, (1965). “To paraphrase the language of Judge CARDOZO in Finlay v. Finlay(240 N.Y. 429, 433-434), the court acts as parens patriae to do what is best for the interest of the child and puts itself in the position of a `wise, affectionate and careful parent’; the court does not determine `rights’ as between a parent and a child or as between one parent and another; the court interferes for the protection of infants, qua infants, by virtue of the prerogative which belongs to the State as parens patriae.” Listening to the rants of a bitch of a mother and her jewish lawyers does nothing to serve the interest of the child. Just a jew’s game played out in the court of the goyim.

The jews don’t stop! Freedman and Nothenberg were trying to do the same thing as AFCs back in 2014, as the they lost the same type case involving three kids and bickering parents, attempting to isolated children … the jewish game. Looks like Lawyers for Children, Inc. is just another jewish child trafficking operation funded with public money and protected by the paedophile ring of New York City. But hey, if you kid is gender confused or your boy wants to run on the girls track team, call Karen Freedman’s jews at 212-966-6420. Read more about her child trafficking games in NYU Law article.

Great evils require great remedies.

Karen Freedman, Child Trafficking Incorporated
Sandra Spennato, bitch of a lawyer for cunt of mother who wants to isolate child from father, a jew’s hand.
Face of a child trafficker and zionist foot soldier.