Contra Costa Bar Jews

The Board of Directors of the Contra Costa Bar has delivered an attack on the First Amendment which would make Hitler and Stalin proud. Seventeen chosen domestic enemies of the Constitution conspire to defeat America’s beloved freedom of expression. Bound together by cause of a lawyer scam, this so-called professional organization holds cause to criticize those who exercise protected freedoms we hold so dear. The jews run family court and the Bar association, they are chosen, you are not. Criticize a jewish scam and watch the blowback. The Board, under the leadership of President Oliver Greenwood who claims himself to be a ‘decent person’ and a former Marine does attack the First Amendment … a real Marine is sworn to defend the Constitution, but a chosen lawyer must obey his paedo masters.

Let’s pick apart the unholy and unAmerican statement by Greenwood and his twisted Bar buddies. The elite claim it is their duty to protect judges from public opinion. Speech that jews don’t like becomes ‘unjust criticism of judges’. Really? Who are these jews to decide what is just and unjust in the arena of expression? Obviously the chosen ones will decide … now shut up and get in the boxcar!

The Bar Board does not like green eggs and ham. Stating that: ” The rhetoric, appearing online and in public demonstrations … includes accusations that the judges are corrupt, accept bribes, are complicit in selling children into sex slavery, and are a cancer to American society”. Yep, pretty much sums up the reality of the American family court system in every state. AFCC has made a jewish brand out of ‘best interests’, which the goy knows to be yiddish for ‘child trafficking’.

The Bar Board brings forth false hope of spontaneous judicial combustion in the next point, which reads: “These claims, grounded in falsehoods and internet conspiracy theories, have created a combustible climate in which judges are left feeling unsafe. There has even been an alleged threat online against a judge resulting in criminal charges.” The now famous blog is proud to be part of the internet conspiracy which has the potential to burn family courts. Climate change is a good thing!!!

Funny how the chosen ones appoint themselves guardians of all things jewish. The Board goes on to claim that “intimidation of judges and unjust criticism that is not grounded in fact crosses a bright line that we, as attorneys, must stand against and condemn.” Did you get that one? The jews will tell the goyim what is just and unjust, what is fact and unfact, where the boundary lies. The term ‘attorney’ is used to obscure the jews who condemn the expressions of a free people. Let my people go!!!

Hold on, it gets better. The jews next claim that the Bar “has an obligation to uphold the image of the legal profession and the judiciary in the eyes of the public and to speak out against unjust criticism of the judiciary that exceeds the bounds of proper criticism.” See how it works? These lawyers, being foot soldiers of the paedophiles in black have a duty to muzzle expression, otherwise the judges will curtail their fees before the bench. Here again is the jew defining what is ‘unjust criticism’ in a free society.

Das Fürher Greenwood goes on to state that “attacks on the County’s judges, even when not rising to criminal threats, are serious, and have real world consequences in that they seek to undermine public confidence in our judicial system and threaten judicial independence.” The Orwellian word salad is slick. Expression becomes an ‘attack’, but is not criminal, so it is legal, but holds jewish imagined consequences which threatens the jewish concept of an independent judiciary. Jews hate the Jeffersonian concept that a sovereign people control the powers of the court and check jewdicial authority. An independent judiciary is tyranny. Let’s face it, there is no public confidence in the family courts of this nation, just ask Tommy Valva. The family courts are nothing more than a jewish parasitic infiltration of a Christian society, where the Talmud defeats the teachings of the Church. It is the age old battle of good vs. evil. The Contra Costa Bar Board is evil.

The Board next makes a call to arms for all lawyers to take up the fight against public criticism of the child traffickers in black. Greenwood states: “It is incumbent upon the legal profession to protect the judicial branch from unjust and unwarranted criticism.” Here the jew betrays the failure of the judiciary. The so called legal profession in the family court is comprised from the bottom of the barrel miscreants who are outcasts of the legal profession. A gaggle of lawyers holds no incumbent duty to provide ‘protection’ to state employees on the bench. That is the parasitic jew game of inducing conflict in the host society to destroy culture and Christian values. Of course, there is a veiled threat here, how exactly does a gaggle of losers provide ‘protection’ … no rule of law there … just a jewish threat against a free people.

The Talmudic conclusion to Greenwood’s rant is something Borat would enjoy: “efforts that seek to malign and delegitimize the judges of Contra Costa County Superior Court are unacceptable. We can no longer remain silent in the face of attacks that impugn the integrity of these judges and the legitimacy of the judicial system as a whole.” Long live the emperor of Kazakhstan!!! In reality, the judges of family court across the country hold no integrity, the people hold no respect for courts of paedophile discretion favouring the rape of children. Americans are not paedophiles, unlike Greenwood and his California Bar pals. We hate dat!

The rant closes by claiming a very contradictory conclusion. The jews of the Bar claim that free expression is unacceptable and therefore impugns the legitimacy of the courts. Oi vey! Did you get that? Public criticism of events in a public forum undermine the conduct of the public forum. Very jewish. Go back to your pathetic lives you Christian Americans, do not interfere with the work of the jew in raping your children and plundering your wallet.

Perhaps the combustible atmosphere needs a spark?

Editor’s Note: Judicial independence is a jewish term to undermine the Constitution, as people are sovereign. It is a jew’s game to advocate a jewdiciary beyond control of ‘we the people’.

Borat … Chariman of the Board!
Oliver Greenwood. Borat of Contra Costa Jewish Bar Association
Contra Costa County Board of Think Police
Jew lawyers of Contra Costa County don’t want to hear what Tommy Valva has to say about family court!