Dyke Judge

Ever think that a court of law was a serious place where the rule of law is applied? Well you are just fuckin’ stupid. There is a rainbow gay pride flag alongside the stars and stripes in the San Antonio courtroom of Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez, a dyke of disgusting proportions who suffers from such mental defect that she must let everyone know she is a dyke.

Here is a shout out to Attorney Flavio Hernandez who filed a complaint on the judicial dyke for displaying the gay pride rainbow flag in a court of law. He also moved to have the gender confused moron recuse itself from his case. Given she is so fucked up to use a courtroom as a bandstand for promotion of deviant behaviour, who would submit to her jurisdiction? Anyone know why the people of San Antonio and Bexar County elected this dumb bitch to the bench in the first place? Seriously?

So the terrible, offending, anti-queer story is that the judicial ethics commission told Rosie The Dyke to trash the rainbow flag, as it has no place in a courtroom and holds no purpose in the proper administration of justice. The notice was not published as Chairman David Hall was not going be a pinata for the LGBTQI community for publicly admonishing the dyke for being a dyke and fucking up a court of law. But that is exactly why she installed the queer flag in the first place, she wants to draw attention to herself and anyone who dares criticize queers. She and her queer pals under the rainbow are ready to cast labels of racist, biased, homophobic, and red-blooded American at anyone who can see through her queer shit. The dyke cunt even claims it is a violation of her First Amendment rights. Rainbow decorations in the hall of justice is just another right of the queers. Maybe funny blue stars too? You got that right, this is scripted from the jews. The chosen parasites are out to fuck up the host society, especially in the courtroom. Anything to piss off the goyim and promote an agenda that will lead to the legal rape of children. Oi vey, da jews never give up.

Thomas Jefferson was wary of the destructive powers held by judges. Queer dyke Gonzalez is a frightening example of clowns on the bench, undermining the rule of law and working to destroy public liberties. What if Judge Otto von Heikleberger displayed a swastika in his courtroom? What if Judge Jacob Meyer displayed a blue star on a white field in his court? What if Judge Rasta Farian gave out free blunts and took smoke breaks? What if Justice Roberts started court sessions by saying “Let us pray…..”. What is it with dyke judges that they must let everyone know they are deviant?

So here is the article in the Law Journal which discusses the queer drama. Needless to say, Gonzalez is on the far left of the political spectrum and has an agenda, which maligns those who oppose her queerism. Gonzalez is not a practicing Christian, suffers from acute mental disorders and her suitability as a jurist is severely questioned. Maybe she will take in a deep breath of virus and nature will take its course.

The dyke and her rainbow flag, just begging for public criticism … the jew game.
Texas, queers and steers, dykish defiance of due process and equal protection.
Criticize the queers and watch the blowback, just what they want you to do!
The Nazi flag would be more in keeping with American values … who needs queers?
Some sick shit … Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez