Kids say the darndest things…

Here is some feedback by two kids caught up in the deviant jewish game of plundering families for profit.  Dr. Bruce Freedman, a notorious child trafficker and corrupt family court insider met his match with two kids fed up with Bozzuto’s little shop of horrors.  The feeble intellect of the fake doctor is no match for the perception of trafficked children who can smell a rat.  Freedman bugged out.
Kids identify that the monsters have destroyed their lives, challenged Bruce Boy as being a fraud, threaten him and others with federal civil lawsuits.  Kids are so perceptive that they refuse the services of the Ph.D clown and demand a real doctor, a psychiatrist with and M.D.  They even label the Freedmonster a pedophile.  Kids claim the right to reject the court whore for being a court whore.  An honest criticism of the jewdicial nut job who ordered the abuse without cause….Judge Edward Domnarski.
So if the kids can tell they are being trafficked, abused, deprived of rights and due process, then where are the Feds?
As the kids sent the letter to the Trumpster at the White House, everyone can read it at link.  Pretty sick example of how the Connecticut FAMILY Court destroys childhoods for financial gain of lawyers.  Karma does not forget.