Judge Zimmerman

Another jew judge of New York’s family court acting outside the law and beyond the limits of her state funded job function. Oi vey, the jews never stop. For some unknown reason Judge Hope A. Schwartz-Zimmerman gave sole custody of a little gift from God, Tommy Valva to an abusive dad. There is no judicial reason available for public scrutiny, just another dark mystery of the ‘confidential’ court of child trafficking … a jewish ‘best interest’ thing.

Tommy was eight years old, had special needs and was autistic. Daddy, Michael Valva, a thug in the ranks of the New York City Police Department made Tommy sleep in the garage. Not a nice warm bed in a normal bedroom like a normal kid, but in the unheated garage in January, where Tommy froze to death. Supposedly it was ‘punishment’, but sounds more like conditioning. It was 19F outside, the temperature of the child’s corpse was 76F, measured at Long Island Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead. News articles here and here.

Now we turn our attention to the judge of the family court who decided Tommy’s fate in light of claims by the mother that daddy was abusing the three boys. Sound familiar? Mom claims pedo dad is abusing the kids, the trafficking judge takes the kids away from mom. Jewish! The court even ignored reports by state Child Protective Services that daddy was abusing Tommy. What state judge ignores evidence presented by the state in protection of its children? Oh, yeah, right, another jewish judge undermining the rule of law, ignoring rules of evidence and operating from the Talmud to traffic children in the goyim’s court. Remember, Dr. Sigmund Freud was a proponent of pedophilia and promoted by the Jews.

Daddy Michael and his fiancee Anglea Pollina have been arrested for manslaughter. Tommy’s mom, Justyna Zubko, is a corrections officer at Riker’s Island. She lost custody in 2017 by the evil hand of Judge Zimmerman for being a good mom. In February 2019 Child Protective Services received a report that Tommy’s brother Anthony, a nine year old, was forced to sleep in the garage for bed wetting. Anthony was seen at school in clothing soiled with urine and signs that he had been beaten on his hands and his feet. The state child protectors investigated the claim and later dismissed it as unsubstantiated. Oi vey, what jewish pedo child trafficking logic is that?!

Now let’s just stop and think who was being protected by the pedo ring of Long Island? Two adults living in a house with six kids who are abused, with all the red flags necessitating intervention. But nothing. Pedo’s have power. They control CPS and family court.

Blessed reality is that daddy cop Michael Valva is going to get prison justice. Inmates don’t take kindly to pedophiles and child murderers. The fact that this pedophile is a cop just brings out the best in the inmate population. Prisoners hold no desire to have a pedophile among them. Daddy’s life expectancy is quite short. Shanks in the shower, a lock in the sock or a good ole Epstein suicide. Will not matter that the warden will keep daddy in solitary for protection. Mom is a member of an elite fraternity of correction officers. No matter what prison holds him, the guards will know exactly who he is and what is going to happen to him. When daddy is hanged by his bed sheets, then Tommy’s two brothers will be returned to mom. Don’t look for the video of dad’s cell, there won’t be any. Don’t look for Judge Zimmerman, she is hiding.

Justice will prevail, despite the evil of family court judges and the long arm of pedophiles. New York family court judges are running scared … a good thing.

Sign the the petition to kick Judge Zimmerman off the bench, here.

Judge Zimmerman is responsible for death of Tommy.
Michael Valva’s life expectancy just got a lot shorter.
Valva’s house on Bittersweet Lane, Center Moriches, Long Island.
Judge Hope Schwartz Zimmerman of NY Family Court, sacrificed another human calf to the pedo monsters. Public scrutiny to follow.