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Grey Ponytail Gets Lubed

Another sad day in the so called Connecticut Superior Court.  The gay sambo Judge Ernest Green, Jr. did roll up the Constitution, applied lube and bent the giant of the profession Attorney Norm Pattis over the Bar and rammed the First Amendment up his pooper chute, while state prosecutor David J. Smith masturbated in his swastika print underpants.

The pedo utopia executives of Connecticut are mad.  They don’t like being criticised for promoting their un American, non Christian and totally jewish agenda from behind the cloak of black robes in the Judiciary.  The jews’ muscle, State Police under pedo control of Colonel Alaric Fox will arrest anyone who speaks out against the terrorism of state judges.  Going to bring up Judge Gould and Baby Aaden’s swan dive off the Middletown bridge?  Col. Fox will have his thugs show up at your door, SWAT style.  The speech police are even reading this blog at taxpayers expense.

We the people have the First Amendment right to rant on facebook about the tyrants in black robes who conspire to defeat the rule of law and undermine the Constitution.  We the people have the duty to protect the Constitution from such domestic enemies.  We have a duty to protect our liberties.  So when the pedo jew muscle of Col. Alaric Fox and the state gestapo arrest citizens without probable cause, the court is properly notified of the error of arrest and it is a simple matter for the court to dismiss the criminal complaint.  Such is the Fourth Amendment.  But not in the twisted court of gender confusion, sexual deviancy and terrorism of Judge Ernest Green, Jr.  Poor gender confused constitutional waffle can’t count to Fourth Amendment.  Can’t even spell First, while operating under orders of Chief Jew Judge Elliot Solomon who is out to beat the peasantry for criticizing Zionism.

The ‘technical’ problem for Judge Green is that there was no probable cause of criminal intent recited within the ‘four corners’ of the arrest warrant for Edward Taupier.  Judge Green’s feeble mind cannot grasp the constitutional seriousness of the violation executed by Col. Fox and his thugs, in conspiracy with dyke Judge Barbara Bailey Jongbloed, another constitutional sloth of repugnant odor.  Rather than being a proper judge, sworn to uphold the Constitution and all its pesky amendments, the nigger fudge packer Green is entertaining the state’s position that the lack of probable cause should be addressed at trial.

What?  Probable cause of criminal intent is absent so the nigger judge and the cracker prosecutor want to take the matter to a criminal trial…..for which there is no probable cause?….over a fb rant?  Yes folks, this is the mark of the sexual deviant mind of the state.  Deviant judges and prosecutors who prefer circle jerks and sodomy with little boys, suffer from collateral mental defects which prevent them from understanding the rule of law.  The dark hand of the jewish overlords have kept the Great Grey Ponytail in a knot since September.  The nigger in the black robe and fat boy retarded prosecutor have delayed this simple hearing to expose the State Gestapo’s error for six months.  The mental retardation of Judge Green and side effects of sexually transmitted disease render him incapable of understanding the simplest explanation of constitutional terrorism provided by Attorney Norm Pattis.  Judge Green did advise that he will have to ‘think’ about it while sucking on his lover’s dick…..another 120 days while an innocent citizen sits in jail.

With judges like Ernest Green, Jr. who needs terrorists?  Another example of why the Second Amendment exists.  Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Ernest Green, Jr. jewdicial terrorist, sodomite, enemy of the people. Queer as fuck.

Chief State Pedo Protector

Crooked Prosecutor Smith

The grey pony tail gets lubed.

Taupier. Arrested for free speech in Connecticut.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Rule

Dyke on the byke

New Connecticut State Flag, speech gestapo rule.