Chief Disciplinary Conspirator

Just when you thought that the Connecticut Judiciary held the State’s interest at heart, along comes Brian B. Staines masquerading as Chief Disciplinary Counsel to remind us that we are just four legged animals who don’t matter to the chosen ones. Oi vey, the jews are at it again.

In order for the Connecticut Jewdiciary to provide the goyim with the illusion of legitimate authority, integrity and conduct based on law, they create an aura complete with ‘discipline’ over the lecherous legal lizards admitted to the Bar. The jewdicial authorities feign control and accountability over the chosen ones admitted to the Bar. They even publish Rules of Professional Conduct as these lawyers ‘occupy a special place in society to ensure the proper and fair administration of justice’ … some propaganda bullshit for sure!

The goyim are conditioned to believe that if a lawyer steals a quarter of a million dollars that it is a crime that will be prosecuted by the State and if the perp is a lawyer, will be disbarred by complaint of the Jewdiciary’s Disciplinary Office under Brian Staines of Glastonbury. NOPE! This is Connecticut and the law does not apply to Chosen Ones.

Meet Louis Rubano, formerly a lawyer at Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante . Rubano ripped off the people of Connecticut for a cool $250k in a jewish lawyer scam that left a paper trail found by auditors. So send in the State Troopers for a criminal investigation, apply for an arrest warrant and collar the crook … simple societal duty. But the jews don’t allow for that, they are chosen and Hugh Keefe is not going to let the cops ransack his politically connected New Haven law firm and find even more evidence of criminal conduct. Attorney Brian Staines is told to fix it!!

Chief Disciplinary Counsel Brian Staines does a wonderful job of ‘fixing it’. End result, no criminal complaint, no police investigation, no State’s Attorney involvement, no indictments, just a little slap on Rubano’s wrist and a nine month vacation from ‘practicing law’. Oi vey, the jews can’t be less obvious.

Of course, it takes a judge of the independent jewdiciary to approve the ‘fix’. It is none other than Judge Brian Fischer of New Haven. Read the case details here. Right in plain view of the sovereign people of Connecticut, the crook was given a free pass and the criminal code of law was flushed down the toilet. Oi vey, the jews rule everything. Now shut up and get in the boxcar! Criminal code does not apply to the chosen.

More interesting reading about the jewdicial scam of protecting Louis Rubano here and here. Being a crook with a law license comes with protection from the chosen ones. Laws can be broken by the chosen ones.

Chief Disciplinary Counsel Brian B. Staines, doing jewish dirty work, undermining integrity of the judiciary, compromising the American form of government … jew boy!!!
Judge Brian Fischer of New Haven, plays along in protection of criminals, a true puppet of the jewdiciary.
Attorney Louis Rubano, protected by the jewdiciary for stealing a quarter million dollars from Connecticut
Truth Equity Justice, but not for YOU!