Special Unit

Big Brother is watching! Now he is hunting! Now he has a special unit to hunt those whom he does not like…the far right. Not the far left, but the far right. Those people with political views and mindsets that Jew Big Brother does not like. Needless to say, there is nothing too far left for Big Brother, just the right. Meet the new unit of the New York Police Gestapo, the thin blue line of constitutional terrorism designed to undermine all that is American. R.E.M.E. It is very Jewish.

Police thugs have formed a new unit within their ‘intelligence department’ called Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism or R.E.M.E. Mr. John Miller, a blue thug with a badge, attitude and no brains is the commissioner of the ‘intelligence bureau’; also called the ‘terrorist czar’. He will oversee investigations into far right political opinions (a.k.a. free speech) under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’. Remember those historical extremists who got away with terrorism back in 1776: Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Hancock and the like. No R.E.M.E. in the police department was the reason Paul Revere was able to joy ride a horse late one night. Miller & Thugs will ensure that does not happen in the present, constitutional America.

Terrorist Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the existence of this unit just yesterday. It is one of the first of its kind Big Brother operations in a local police department and its creation highlights the urgency with which the thin blue thugs view the threat of far right ideology. The far right is painted with the same brush as ‘terrorists’ to blur the protections of the First Amendment. Chief intelligent thin blue thug, Thomas Galati oversees the intelligence bureau and uses tools like warrant-less searches, illegal wire taps, tracking cell phones, phishing on internet message boards and monitoring blogs like this to seek out those undesirables and deplorables who have too much to think on the right.

Ms. Katherine Sizemore is an ‘analyst’ assigned to the new unit. She is after anyone whom she suspects of promoting right wing ideology. You know the ones, Christian beliefs, closed borders, Islam is bad, Jews are bad, liberals suck, queers are bad, abortion is bad, feminism is a bunch of butch lesbos, protection of families and separation of boys and girls bathrooms, transgender is stupid, etc. If you wear a red baseball cap promoting America, you are Katherine’s target! In fact, if you are a veteran, who took the oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, you are on Katherine’s list: Oathkeepers beware. Any form of organized defense of the principles set down by the Founding Fathers will put you in Katherine’s cross-hairs. If you are associated with any group that the jews of the Southern Poverty Law Center do not like, you can expect a SWAT visit.

Katherine’s aim sure sounds like a Jewish manifesto to destroy a host society, turn the people against their own Constitution, undermine freedom with ‘protection’ from terrorism as Katherine and her bosses instruct. New York combines its muscle with Pennsylvania and New Jersey along with the Feds to crack heads of whatever the Jews don’t like….the far right. NYPD will decide if your thoughts are terroristic…like those Black Lives Matter niggahs, who are already on the list.

Thin blue thug Commissioner Miller further stated that it is his ‘purview’ to monitor far-right groups expressing their political opinions under the protections of the First Amendment, no probable cause needed, just something the jews don’t like. He will ‘detect and prevent’ it. Miller is married into a prominent jewish family but his background as a CBS reporter and in FBI public affairs is hardly grounded in constitutional fortitudes. NYPD’s R.E.M.E. is self-authorized to investigate political activity….Big Brother(jew) is coming to fuck you up…keep your powder dry. Second Amendment protects all.

After all, how alt-right, extremist is it for a bunch of white eastern Europeans wearing funny stars to claim sole ownership of Palestine? Jews, the downfall of humanity.

Deputy NYPD Comissioner John Miller, chief big brother, married to a jew. Known as NYPD Terror Czar.
Thin Blue Thug Thomas Galati, new speech police chief.
How to trigger NYPD’s REME anti-right thugs!!
Wear this ‘trigger’ and NYPD REME will SWAT your neighborhood.