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Jewdicial Sodomites

The Connecticut Miscreant Utopia has iced the cake with the Homo Governor Malloy’s nomination of fellow sodomite Andrew J. McDonald.  The State Pedo Utopia has now conquered the judicial branch in complete sexual deviancy.  A civilized society now relies on the leadership and judgment of a jewdicial sodomite in upholding the rule of law.

Being a homosexual and having close ties to the sexually deviant Daniel Malloy pushing a non-Christian and un-American agenda upon a benevolent people is a sure path to Chief Justice of Corrupticut.  The illicit path of McDonald weaves through no name law schools, insider government appointments, sexually deviant Stamford municipal staffs, affiliations with the most notorious, jewish and crooked law firm of Pullman&Comley.  Various state government insider placements, like the jewdiciary committee.

This sick gay boy whose brain is so miswired he holds deep affection for another man’s anus, ascends to the Chief Justice position solely by his deviant sexual alliance with the deviant Governor and his zionist pals.  McDonald never served as a judge before the sodomites put him on the state Supreme Court.  A lackluster legal career of no merits for judicial appointment.  The similar track as Judge Sybil Richards.  No experience, no qualifications other than perverted sexual behavior and a close connection to Daniel Gay Boy Malloy.

The civil rule of society has now completely ignored the needs of the people.  Civility is hijacked by the deviant, the unclean, the unholy, the miscreants of humanity.  Only the power of the jews and their zionist agenda can so precisely execute the downfall of American society.  Connect the dots of McDonald’s ascension.  Jews, sexual deviants, pedophiles, money, crooked law firms, sodomy, anti-Christian agenda.

McDonald is a zionist plant.  A deviant mole on a mission to undermine American society with LGBT ‘issues’, like mis-use of a public restroom, butcher surgery of genitalia adjustment, gender confusion, pedophilia.  The underlying agenda is to destroy a Christian society and its belief, resulting in the complete collapse of a people, a culture, mores and structure.  The jewish end for the American dream.

Watch for Rep. Willie Tong and his fellow jewdicial puppets, Doyle and Kissel on the Judiciary Committee clear the path for the chosen deviant to ascend to the position of Chief Justice.  Christian, Black and Hispanic caucuses of the legislature will be silenced by the power of the jews.  The people don’t matter and the children are victims.

Welcome to the Zionist Jewdical Utopia of Connecticut.  The path is being paved to legally rape your children.

Editor’s Note:

The Jews of the Connecticut Judiciary will force you to accept the loving relationship between McDonald and another man’s butthole, while Jew Judge Elliot Solomon and his dyke princess Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto want you to respect their jewdicial discretion in separating parents from children in Family Court.  The jews are destroying society from the bench.  Second Amendment is all that remains to protect the children.  The judges have become the domestic enemies of the Constitution.


Queer boys steppin’ out

Deviant Governor.


Crooked, jewish, insider, deviant law firm.

Sexual deviant LGBT champion fixated on bathrooms.

Deviant Rep. William Tong, zionist puppet ordered to place the sexual miscreant McDonald at the head of the jewidciary.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler.  Defacto jew in charge of the jewdiciary.

Dyke on the byke, jewdicial puppet destroying families under Talmud directive of King Solomon.