AFCC Felony Tax Evasion

Why would a national racketeering operation of lawyers and judges be exempt from state and federal taxes?  A corporate entity set up to undermine the Constitution should be registered as an agent of the devil.  But the AFCC, under the leadership of head chosen president Attorney Annette T. Burns of Phoenix claims that the organization is not subject to tax.

What if federal IRS agents raided the AFCC headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin?  Corner slime ball Executive Director Peter Salem, make him produce his tax exempt certificate…..he does not have it.  Drag the slime ball organization’s lawyers into court to tell a judge why the family court mafia front company is tax exempt.  Let’s face it, AFCC never qualified as a tax exempt organization.  The scam they play is that a trick was pulled on the IRS back in the ’60’s and no one ever stopped to check compliance with the tax code.  AFCC will make noise that they conduct research, but they have no evidence.  They are not a research organization.  They are a union operation with a choke hold on family courts across the country….a taxable enterprise.  They are a lobbying organization….subject to tax.  They will lie to you and to the government about what they are, how they operate and what they do.  But they are not tax exempt.  Read the mission statement to find anything of substantive research:

AFCC is an interdisciplinary, international association of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through the resolution of family conflict. AFCC promotes a collaborative approach to serving the needs of children among those who work in and with family law systems, encouraging education, research and innovation and identifying best practices.

Mission statement sounds like it was copied from that of an advertising agency.  AFCC works with family law ‘systems’….what type of word salad is that?  Ask Peter Salem or Annette Burns to post the tax exemption certificate on their website along with the compliance paperwork that shows what they do to maintain this exemption.  Liars, cheats and thieves.  They will cheat the government and traffick your children…..that is what the jewish AFCC is all about… in child flesh for profit.

AFCC is a collusion of lawyers and judges to maximize conflict for the generation of revenue for its members….a bonafide criminal racketeering operation.  Jews destroying American family values in support of Zionist agenda, while cheating the taxman.


President of AFCC, Jewish Mafia tool










National Child Trafficking Operation

Executive Director of AFCC Peter Salem, professional child trafficker.