Shirley Pripstein: Another Jew Child Trafficker

Time to take a look at the self-appointed importance of a two bit lawyer of incompetent intellect who thinks she knows what to do with kids of divorced parents; Attorney Shirley Pripstein a home-grown domestic terrorist, jew, child trafficker and all around annoying busybody.

The parasites of Connecticut often take the form of a jew with a law degree.  A worthless human of no American nor Christian values parades around the courthouse like a peacock, in pretense of great self-importance and opinions more valuable than the common man, but whose only purpose is to suck the life savings out of unsuspecting goyim.  Shirley Pripstein of Greater Hartford Legal Aid is one such parasite.

Face it folks, a divorce is all of ninety minutes worth of work.  One parent does not want to be married anymore, fill out some paperwork, boom, marriage is ‘dissolved’.  But that is not supposed to change the relationship between the parents and the child.  The state has no interest in the marital status of parents or any concern for the children.  It is the jews of family court who have made it their business to involve the court in every aspect of these private citizens who dissolved the modern-day meaningless union.  If a man and a woman, who are not married have a child, the state does not care, they can live their whole lives free from interference from jews like Shirley Pripstein and her chosen attitude.  It is the jewish family court that is designed solely to destroy every Christian family before it.  A jew’s game for jew profit, promoting a zionistic agenda.

Pripstien has spent over thirty years profiting from the familial rape of family court.  She has even been the head of the Connecticut Bar’s family division.  Whoopee!  Obviously a trusted foot soldier of King Jew Judge Elliot Solomon and the long line of jewish jerks of the judiciary who attempt to conceal their zionistic agenda against goy under black robes and ‘best interests’ of the children …the calves of the four-legged parental animals known under the Constitution as citizens.

Let’s examine the jewish propaganda spewed forth by Shirley in providing her totally zionistic opinion of what the state should do with the children of parents who end their marriage.  She provided her jewish opinion to the legislature while citing her lifelong practice of being a legal child predator in family court as foundation for what is a totally unqualified and bullshit opinion on other people’s’ children.  See article at blog.  Where do these low lifes get the idea that they have cause to interfere with private families and parent-child bonds?  Does Kundry’s revenge extend to the state court system? ….well of course, it is jewish, it is zionism.

There is no empirical evidence that Shirley even has a brain.  Watch her blither here.

Focus for a minute in the underlying jewish statute addressing ‘custody’ in the cesspool of Connecticut.  A big bowl of word salad added to statutes at 46b-56 (c) in 2005 as a result of a jewish commission on family court matters headed by the top jews of the judiciary.  Shirley claims it is a well thought out statute, but in reality the basis of custody holds no definition.  The statute simply lists sixteen unrelated factors to be considered in applying jewdicial discretion in child trafficking, but it also contains a disclaimer to consider all of them or none of them or anything else the jewidical authority cares to cite to support the whimsical and arbitrary custody decision.  Family Law is nothing more than a smoke screen to obscure the fact that it is a jewish child trafficking operation over the goyim; destruction of the concept of the Christian family being its chosen goal.

A ‘custody’ fight arranged by the state is simply the jewish game of rape and pillage.  There is no cause in human existence that makes ‘custody’ of ones own child a cause of marriage or divorce.  The real underlying state power of ‘parens patriae’ only allows the state to act in a custodial action against a parent in PROTECTION of the child.  In Connecticut family court this state power has been usurped by the jewdiciary to allow child trafficking at whim.  Jew lawyers and jew judges have completely twisted this reserved state power into a cash generator for the bastards of the Bar and their jewdicial masters.

Time to stop pretending there is law, wake up to the fact that Christianity is attacked and undermined everyday the family court is in session.  Recognize that the entire state family court infrastructure is nothing more than a jewish game sucking money from every source available to fill jewish pockets and defile the gentiles.  Shirley is just another example of the old fable about the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The jews are exposed, the agenda is obvious the danger to children is real.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Again it is noted that there is only concern in the judiciary for children whose parents have money.  Baby Aaden gets splashed by an unequal court system.  Poor brown kids don’t matter.

Shirley Pripstien jew family court terrorist. Opinions of child trafficking.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court..jewish family court.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler…Baby Aaden’s executioner.