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Wordsmithing: Pro Gentile

Attention all the propaganda artists, spin doctors, speech police and other Orwellian clowns of the modern cesspool of American society.  The term ‘anti-semitic’ is hereby replaced with the term ‘pro gentile’.  No longer can the jewish lords of Zionism play word games claiming prejudicial treatment because of the misuse of a term labeling ancient languages.  Enough with the Jew’s bullshit.  From now on the people who defend the teachings of the Church, uphold the tenets of a Jeffersonian Democracy and conduct themselves in a proper civilized manner cannot be labeled ‘anti-semetic’ as they are simply ‘pro-gentile’.

People (jews) who use the term ‘anti-semitic’ from now on will be called out for being Jews and anti-gentile.  Jews will now be referred to as ‘anti-goy’ to more precisely label their agenda.

EDITOR’s NOTE:  The Ministry Of Everything has also approved ‘Pro-Goy’ as a proper replacement term for anti-Semitic as well.


Pro Gentile is the new vernacular.