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Domestic Enemy

Eric J. Smith, Macomb County Prosecutor

Time to spotlight the home grown terrorists of Macomb County, Michigan, the elite crackers of the County Prosecutor’s Office under the defective leadership of Eric J. Smith, the chief law enforcement official of the county.

The mental retard misrepresents himself to the public by claiming he speaks for the the victims of crime and ‘fights’ for the protection of homes and families by providing the ‘finest legal representation’ to citizens and the thin blue line. Silly Eric claims he has a personal and professional [sic] mission to ensure justice is done. Too bad that silly boy Eric does not know the law nor the constitutional limits which control our society. This little retarded jerk-off of a prosecutor is a no name, nobody with a two-bit law degree from the Detroit College of Law diploma mill, obtained after completion of his undergraduate studies in art, beer pong and homosexual relations at Central Michigan University.

Eric’s claim to fame for his purposeless life is shredding the First Amendment under the color of state law by direction of the pedo protecting child abuser Judge Rachel Rancilio. The true colors of America’s family courts is that judges traffic children, protect pedophiles, account to no one and eschew criticism. So when Rancilio was called out for being a monster in a black robe by a dad, she unleashed her flying monkeys to silence the critic. Eric, being a subservient flying monkey, ignored his oath of office along with the Constitution under personal threat of judicial retaliation against his pathetic person by the muscle of the court…the thin blue line. Eric is a pussy!

One common theme that unites members of the Bar is their ability to suspend the rule of law to flex the muscle of a tyrannical court and impose the wrath of whacked out judges upon ‘we the little people’. Macomb County demonstrates this vividly in the false arrest and prosecution of Jonathan Vanderhagen who aptly called a spade a shovel. Eric Smith, being the public professional who should have dropped the false charges and not proceeded in prosecution duly bowed his head to tyranny. It was Eric’s job to be the shield of the people against malicious prosecution, false arrest, police and judicial misconduct. But gay boy just played along, collecting his paycheck, defrauding the people he swore to serve. Eric ignored the fact that the charge of malicious use of a telephone did not fit the elements of the alleged crime. Broadcasting expressive matters via social media is free speech under the First Amendment. Eric knows this full well, but he also knew that the judicial mafia would cut his Bar balls off for using the Bill of Rights to thwart judicial retaliation against its critics. Eric duly complied with orders from above and assigned Elizabeth Rittinger to carry out the judicial wrath against free speech.

Elizabeth was the perfect choice of the sixty-four assistant prosecutors under Eric’s command. No niggah prosecutor was going to take up the case, cuz there are no niggahs in the office. Just purebred crackers, bottom tier lawyers from lame law schools like Detroit College where lectures on the First Amendment are skipped for circle jerks, sodomy festivals and beer pong. But Elizabeth had a family court connection. She was an insider to pedo pals of Judge Rancilio’s child trafficking court. Elizabeth had recently spent four years as a judicial pet in the domestic court being an attorney-referee, doing the bidding of black robed evil masters in raping and trafficking of children. Elizabeth is in the pedo club.

Knowing that the charges would not stick, Eric the Gay, played the abuse card by getting Vanderhagen dragged before hanging judge Sebastian Lucido, jacked his bond up to an impossible half-million, guaranteeing incarceration for free speech. Eric then delayed the trial to impose two months of judicial punishment in a cage for publicly criticizing a judge. Well played Eric…well played. But ‘we the little people’ saw right through your game. Instead of providing the finest legal services to a society under the rule of law, Eric acted as the tyrant’s hand, shredding due process, railroading a critic of the court, chilling free speech. Our masters are those who we cannot criticize.

The misdeed was done. Vanderhagen, having criticized the court, was punished by false accusation, false charges, false imprisonment, but acquitted at trial by a jury of patriots in twenty-six minutes. Eric J. Smith made it all happen by freely abandoning the duties of his office, defying due process, shredding the Constitution, betraying his oath and acting un-American. Eric J. Smith…domestic enemy of the Constitution, terrorist among us.

The Liberty Tree is very thirsty.

Macomb County Constitutional Terrorist Eric J. Smith
Elizabeth Rittinger, malicious prosector and child trafficker
Judge Rachel Rancilio, child trafficker
Patriots have duty to spill the blood of tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty.