Just when you thought Connecticut Family Court was totally insane…in comes Suzanne Aaronson of Greenwich to raise all expectations. On Thursday, the government held a ‘forum’ to discuss family court antics with a bent on domestic violence. Great drivel was heard from the master of family corruption Judge Michael Albis and his retarded sidekick Joe DiTunno. Statistics, numbers, oratory and pure bullshit to obscure the well known fact that family court is a racketeering operation designed by lawyers to plunder family savings, destroy parent child bonds and inflict intentional emotional distress on anyone foolish enough to enter the cesspool. The disinformation program was hosted by nutcase State Senator Mae Flexer. The star witness was our favorite jewish American princess Suzanne Aaronson, billed as a Domestic Violence Survivor, who ranted on for thirty minutes on how her unplanned pregnancy with casual love interest, Italian Marco Battistotti of New York City made her a victim. Talk about buyer’s remorse, the lady publicly ripped the father of her child to pieces in a most inhumane manner, she even cited the now famous blog.

By pure speculation, she claims that Marco ‘colluded’ with the now famous blog to produce last year’s article on Judge Tindill. Needless to say, the editors and contributors have never spoken with Marco. Suzanne’s public accusations of collusion are simply false. Here is what Suzanne stated:

Late 2018 the plaintiff took to an internet forum to channel his rants, via an alt right family court blogger.  Our judge was labeled with racial slurs and more, much worse the blog post went deeper into the depths of depravity, casually making sexually violent threats toward my young son, inviting sexual predators on the internet with exactly where my son and I live.  Sickenly my son will someday google himself and read this post, sadly so will his friends and classmates.   The plaintiff [dad] certainly felt a sick sense of joy when he sent me that article directly and I read it for the first time, it was and is entirely clear he colluded with the blogger as no stranger possibly could have known all the details about our case especially being it is only a paper file.   Twice late last year, once within a week after the blog was published, I sought safe haven via ex-parte emergency applications and hearings myself for physical and other protections for me and my son.  My lawyer painstakingly spelled out the multi-layered sinister and abusive conduct to two judges whom had never presided before the plaintiff and me before.   Both judges denied granting me and my son any protection.”

The now famous blog points out that Suzanne is a figure in a public forum, subject to public scrutiny. As Judge Lynda Munro stated “Publicity is the price paid for litigation”. The information obtained by the blog came from two newspaper reports, one in 2017 and another in 2018 by Emilie Munson of Greenwich Time, the court’s public website containing the docket, the appeal opinion and home addresses. Emilie’s facade of using pseudonyms to hide Suzanne’s identity was rather pointless as the case was well known in the courts. To slander Marco for public information is quite honestly downright nasty, deceitful and a false statement by Suzanne. Her twisted presentation reflects a private agenda of scorned jewish women. The reality of the case is that Suzanne had money, the lawyers and judges conspired to drag out litigation to drain her wallet. She cannot see that she was the mark, or that the court vultures and the judge laughed all the way to the bank, even her own three lawyers. She wanted sole custody and she had to pay for it, dearly.

Suzanne’s entire public rant can be seen here on CT-N’s network. Something her son and his classmates can google. The highlights of her rant is that she had only known Marco for a few months when she discovered that God had blessed them with a bambino. She falsified the certificate of birth by not naming the father, then blames dad for going to court to obtain a paternity order for his son. She wants the world to think dad is the most evil being on the planet, that he abused her, that he misused the court system to obtain his parental rights and somehow this is all bad. She even made claim to the Italian Embassy not to issue their new citizen a proper passport. Bambino is entitled to have a relationship with his father, know his paternal side of the family and be a cool kid with dual citizenship. Suzanne spent five years and of over a half-million bucks on pointless litigation trying to eliminate dad from their son’s life, to now claim she is a victim of domestic violence is simply twisted.

The blog is pleased to note that it was the subject of Suzanne’s ex-parte TRO application, denied by the court. Public scrutiny of public matters in the public interest is protected under the First Amendment. Judge Tindill’s handling of the case was similar to Judge Heller’s circus with Jen and Fotis Dulos. Both judges sit in the same courthouse. A common pattern of Connecticut Family Court practice where there is serious bank held by a parent. Judge Tindill did not even commence trial proceedings until one year into the fray, then dragged out ten days of trial spaced out over another year, not dad’s doing. Judge Heller dragged Jen Dulos through two years of pre-trial activities without even issuing a trial management order, not dad’s doing. Both cases focused on keeping kids from dad. Smell the similarity? But Baby Aaden’s poor brown parents got kicked out of court by Judge Pinkus without so much as a single hearing. The family court judges target bank.

Put another way, the family court will force extended expensive litigation over children for parents with money, who are represented by fee collecting lawyers; the best interests of the Bar. The court cannot be bothered with parents having no money. Parental bank accounts drive family court, being the sole source of revenue to feed the bottom tier of the Bar. Your children are simply revenue generators in the most unjust court in the land.

Besides Suzanne’s disinformation, Judge Albis did an amazing job of withholding the number of cases with excessive motions that are post-judgement. As lawyers only make money on promoting conflict, they don’t stop when the court renders its decision. A limited number of new cases with bank forces the lawyers to rehash old cases to pay the rent. The post-judgement revenue generating game is huge, but Judge Albis does not want you to know that, so he purposely withheld it from the forum. See the game? Racketeering at its best.

It was also noted that the infamous Margaret Bozek was present, representing the very jewish control of family court. Margaret plays the evil roll of GAL in many cases of prolonged conflict and destruction of parent-child bonds…a Zionist agenda. Her presence in the forum was to remind Judge Albis of his masters. Jew players in family court are a very dangerous thing for children.

Suzanne Aaronson of Greenwich
Judge Michael Albis, misleading the public.
The evil Margaret Bozek, jewish player in child trafficking.