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Watertown Speech Police

The thin blue thugs of the Watertown Police Department in rural Connecticut are executing the will of the state pedophile ring in hunting down free speech that brings light to the child trafficking game of Sophia and Evie Grohs.

Our civilized society gives the people the First Amendment privilege of scrutinizing the corrupt activities of Judge Anna Ficeto, a puppet of the pedophile mafia of Corrupticut.  A family court judge who rips children from mothers so unscrupulous penis players like William J. Grohs can use two little girls for demented pleasures.  But the pedo muscle wears a badge, carries a gun, has an attitude and is mentally retarded.  Jerkoff Detective Mark Conway, never made it past third grade in understanding the Constitution.  A pawn of his pedo overlord Chief John Gavallas, he expends tax dollars to hunt free speech.  See Conway’s efforts to undermine the Constitution here.

Judge Jane Alexander, a corrupt excuse of a judicial authority misuses her office to hunt free speech by issuing a warrant to seek the source of freedom of expression.  She her terroristic handiwork here.

Read some free speech that the pedos don’t like:  Public Service Message: Watertown

See the pattern here?  People talk about pedophiles, abuse of children, court malfeasance, failure of law, child trafficking, child abuse, societal threats, dickhead lawyers and the thin blue thugs under Chief John Gavallas go on the hunt for free citizens exercising First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.   See who rules society?

Now shut up and get in the boxcar.


Truth Equity Justice for a price

Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.  227 Woodbury Rd.

Pedo muscle hunting free citizens who criticize the jewish masters.

Self appointed unmarried stepmother

Bill Grohs’ other side

Dyke on the byke, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, Watertown resident and chief state child trafficker. 415 Winding Brook Farm Road

Pedo Muscle. Watertown Police, Watertown, CT.

Vicki Frenzel, unmarried step mother

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish athority.

Watertown Child Traffickers

Deputy Watertown Pedo Muscle

Watertown THUGS

Thug Mark Conway. Can’t spell Constitution.

Watertown victims of Town sponsored pedophilia.


Trafficked Kids Judson Elementary

Satan of Connecticut

Kids can’t scream

William Grohs the mad man.

Judge Ficeto, ‘spic Child Trafficker

Attorney Michael Fasano, dickhead lawyer for William J. Grohs, child predators.

Dickhead Michael Fasano

Cancer Cunt Mary Brigham, trafficking Sophia and Evie Grohs for the pedo ring.

Watertown Police censorship patrol.

Justice in Connecticut

Jewdicial Marshalls

Child trafficking pedo lawyer Rosemarie Guiliano. Pedo pal of Judge Elizabeth Pedo Bozzuto.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler,  chief jew in charge of state child trafficking, pedo czar.