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Talmud Judge

Time to shed some light on the judicial Talmud authority of Upstate New York Richard Blair Meyer of Essex County.  The heavyweight jewdicial authority of the state’s Fourth Judicial District, hiding just below the Canadian border in the village of Saranac Lake, this miscreant of a human wields Talmud rule over a Christian people in pursuit of the agenda of Zionism.

When there is a cult of chosen ones among the people, there is no need for law; the chosen will decide for you and your children.  No need for three branches of government when the chosen ones in black will decide every goy question under the edicts of the Talmud.  The chosen power of Judge Meyer’s  star chamber is so absolute, as to overrule the Supreme Court of the United States.  SCOTUS is subservient to the jew world order.  SCOTUS does not impede Meyer’s Zionist agenda.  The black robe is just a drape to hide the cancer of the wrath of the Jew upon the goy and Christian beliefs.  A New York Court of Appeals case heard by SCOTUS seventy years ago is rendered meaningless by a snort and a wave of the claw of Judge Meyer.  Oaths be damned, jew judges rule over the goy with chosen purpose, don’t quote case law to this monster.

Judge Meyer spits out his disdain for non Talmud opinions rendered under Christian principles by the state’s own appellate courts.  He wipes his ass with case law defining protected parent child relationships.  With arrogance and chosen authority, he rejects rulings of forty senior justices, created by due process in defiance of Talmud edicts for the goy in his rabbinical court.  In violation of his oath, with abandon for official duties, Meyer snorts and farts that he does not care for the opinion of Justice Paul Yesawich of the Third Appellate Department in Turner 260 AD 2d 953  By implication he does not care for the concurring opinion of Justice Thomas E. Mercure, a local judicial icon from Hudson Falls who is the longest serving justice in the history of the State.  No problem, have chosen attitude, a black robe and hatred for children of goy, no opinions matter that are not codified in the Talmud.  It is destruction of families by the jew which drives Meyer, not law, not rights, not even elements of being human.

Time to seriously question the role of the jew in the family court system.  A force of immense power, trafficking children, undermining rule of law, using public funds to achieve goals of Zionism, intentionally inflicting emotional distress and psychological harm upon ‘We the people’.  Judge Meyer has painted a constitutional bullseye on his chosen forehead for oath keepers to sight their muskets and for Queequeg to aim his harpoon.  Declaring himself a domestic enemy of the Constitution Meyer begs the wrath of Patriots to refresh the tree of liberty with jewdicial manure.  Will karma just catch up with him?  Taking up the role of a tyrant brings attention and the ancient call of Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis!!!  The country has a history of dispatching tyrants who did much less than fuck with childhood under the color of law.

Preservation of liberties require fundamental protective actions by a free people.  It is a dangerous game to interfere with rights and protections purchased with the blood of patriots and enshrined in the Constitution.  One might become manure.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Wise words of a wise man, just as applicable today as when written.

Justice Thomas E. Mercure

Washington County Courthouse, Meyer’s Star Chamber

Patriot hunts tyrants.

Attorney Amy Quinn, Law Clerk to tyrant Judge Richard Meyer, Essex County, NY, public terrorist.

Judge Richard Meyer’s Law Book for the Goy.

Justice Paul ‘Hooks’ Yesawich

Judge Richard Blair Meyer, Essex County, NY

Judge Richard Blair Meyer, self-declared domestic enemy of the Constitution.