Express Yourself

Are you American?  Have an opinion?  Hate family court?  Hate the judges?  Well, you have a right to express yourself; First Amendment.  Here is an example of how a free citizen in the land of the free and the home of the brave can express himself under the protections framed in the First Amendment.

First, identify a judge to hate, say Elizabeth Bozzuto of the Connecticut Family Court.  A privileged dyke from a rich republican family whose appointment to the bench was purchased in the back room of political favouritism.  It is quite American to hate an individual for ascending to a position of responsibility on privilege of being in the state sexual deviant society rather than on merit or abilities.

Second, criticism of said public official is legal.  Our free society holds no respect for incompetent public officials or the damage they create in the modern world.  We the people have no cause to standby and let sexual miscreants manipulate society to their perverted agendas.  We are free to hate them, criticize them, mock them, intimidate them and do what is necessary to suggest that they leave public office for the good of all.

Third, pick some real gutter talk to criticize the masters.  1.  Call the governor a FUCKTARD, make nasty commentary about self chosen Judge David Gold and his ability to ignore the rule of law to abuse the four legged goyim before his tyrannical bench, throw in a comment about Jabba the Huts sister Brenda Hans and her dick sucking ability to do the bidding of her Jewish masters at the expense of law and rights of the goy.  2.  Make a comment about the jack booted thugs of the Cromwell Police Department who make threats to young children that they don’t need a search warrant to break down the front door of a house on Douglas Drive.  Point out that badge, gun, failed high school careers and stupidity are pretty much the standards of police in Connecticut; smart people do not get recruited in state law enforcement.  State that a cop who violates the Fourth Amendment by illegal home invasion signs his own death warrant; welcome to America.  3.  Make comment about death unto tyrants employed by the state judiciary in the Middlesex Courthouse…..the place where Baby Aaden received his watery death sentence because the jews don’t provide legal services to poor brown christian goyim with no money.  Point out that jew Judge Barry Pinkus rules by the Talmud, not statutes.  Wish all of them to be dead.  Beg karma to come down on these people as payback for what they did to Baby Aaden.  Even wish that their demise be done with love and caring.  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants, it is the natural manure… a bunch of court employees become manure….it is natural….do it with love just to show the Christian compassion for the dispatch of tyrants by Virtus.  4.  Make the simple political observation that the death of a majority of court employees would indeed save the country.  5.  Quote the famous meme inspired by Thomas Jefferson….that really pisses off the overlords….quotes from a founding father is a rebellious act to the jewish overlords of the jewdiciary.  6.  Note that a government that fails the people is to be replaced by the people.  As the family courts fit this constitutional requirement, then burning the courts to the ground, killing the vermin inside, restoring the rule of law, the rights of man and woman, is just a patriotic necessity to protect the country for the next generation.  7.  State that Judge Gold lives in Middlefield or Bozzuto lives in Watertown or Wetstone lives in West Hartford or Adelman lives in Meriden, all public records on voting rolls or grand lists and watch the state police thugs go nuts.  8.  Try and defend the rule of law, Christian values, parental rights against the Zionist agenda of family court and the rule of King Elliot N. Solomon, the gestapo will knock your front door off the hinges.  9.  Put all this on a facebook page, a blog or tweet it to the world and Connecticut will target you and your friends.  The Fusion Center will work overtime to defeat the Constitution in protection of tyranny.

Welcome to the gulag of Connecticut… yourself!!!!

Dyke on Byke

Ted Taupier, free citizen, prisoner 405078 of the gulag.

Victims of Talmud rule.

Listen to Mr. T!!!

The Giant Grey Ponytail

Jews and dykes destroying America one family at a time.

Judge Bozzuto is natural manure of liberty.

Karma is natural law.

The Pope

ASA Smith, graduate of William&Mary Law….Jefferson’s is an alumn.

Judge Bozzuto, poster dyke of tyranny.

A patriot’s duty.

Cromwellian Dyke of Police; Domestic Enemy of Constitution.

Publicly funded gestapo.

Holly Wetstone…justice for $$$

Jewdicial Marshalls

Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Jew Judge Gold, rules by Talmud. Terrorist.

Chief Crook Patrick Carroll

Pedo Protector, enemy of Constitution, Alaric Fox, badge, gun and un American principles.

Kundry’s revenge

Pretty much sums up Connecticut Pedo Utopia.

Stating the obvious. Trafficking children for jewish agenda.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman

Bozzuto child trafficker

Warning shots not provided.