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Diverse Stupidity

The ruling elite of Connecticut provide great fanfare in declaring ‘diverse’ appointments to the Superior Court, but leave out the fact that the diverse are the stupid ones. Great leftist glee in appointing black skin, but what does skin have to do with it? The foundation of juris prudence lies in grey matter between the ears, not in the levels of pigment in the epidermis. White supremacists will be silenced by the jew for suggesting that the level of skin pigment is an incompetent selection criteria. Queer boy Dannel Malloy nominates the retarded Maureen Price-Boreland of Durham to prove brains don’t matter.

Miscreant Boreland never practiced law a day in her life, never entered a courtroom, never had a client. Magically becomes a judge to fuck up an enlightened society with her twisted, deviant, concept of discretion in family matters, and deep rooted pleasures derived from bringing harm to children. Abuse of children and intentional infliction of emotional distress are prime elements of the rabbinical family court. Judge Boreland recently kicked mother, Meira Graffinino Bavaro, out of the marital home at 475 Ellsworth Ave in New Haven, leaving her with only seven hours a week (1 hour a day) contact time with her three children. WTF? Is mom a criminal? No! This is just the jewish/nigger way of impressing upon the children that mom is bad and dad is supreme. Is this the wrath of the rabbinical court upon innocent children, funded by the taxpayer … of course it is! All blessed by the jews and niggers who sit on the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly.

Judge Price-Boreland demonstratws her niggerly discretion in the Bavaro case where macho kike Matthew Bavaro, a sheister attorney in the world of finance hired Attorney Verna Lilburn to prance before the nigger judge for a restraining order against the mother of his children, where mom does not even have a lawyer? WTF? Niggers and jews railroading mothers under the edicts of the pedophilic Talmud in a court of EQUITY? C’mon, the court has lost all credibility.

The now-famous blog gives a shout out to the great manliness of jew Matthew Bavaro who employs a lawyer to beat up the mother of his children, have her tossed out on the street, and isolated from the fruit of her womb. The blog salutes these mother haters and bestows the label ‘pedophile’ on Matthew for his obvious cause to keep his minor attractions hidden from the mother of his victims.

Blog notes that manly child rapist Matthew and his scum lawyer Lilburn have asked the court for sole custody of the kids, exclusive possession of the home, kick mom to the street, and of course the pedo specific trick of a psychological evaluation. Blog predicts a jewish psychobabblist will be appointed by jew Judge Jane Grossman to cut mom out of the picture, as she has done in many other cases, where dad has a finger or more in the kids. Just another day in the pedophile court of Corrupticut. Stay tuned!

Jewdicial branch sends judges to poison school children, reading books promoting gender fluidity and transgenderism, niggers and jews will fuck up society … it is their purpose on earth.