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The Attorney Curse

Just when the Connecticut Bar Association thought it was safe to go back to their normal ways of trafficking children for profit, the Connecticut Family Court Attorney Curse rises up from the shadows in the battle of good vs. evil.

The notorious family court sloth Attorney Geraldine Ficarro of Essex fell victim to the ‘court curse’.  The sloth did file in Bozzuto’s court for contempt against a father for the heinous charge of child cavities being the sole fault of the father; claiming such legal tactics before the dyke on the byke is normal practice of family law; designed to inflame and enrage, while using children as weapons of legal strategy.  Judge Gold even accepted her sworn testimony as to the purpose of the vexatious filing in a court founded on the best interest of children.

The sloth attorney did file on 29 September to isolate these same children from the father on behalf of the evil mother and Aetna executive Tanya Taupier of Ellington.  Two kids who love their dad, Sarah and Gabriel, absent counsel, used by Satan’s sisters, Tanya, Geraldine, Elizabeth, trafficked for billable hours and satisfaction of dykes’ venom; simple child abuse.  The devil’s court of Middlesex JD, did set down a show cause hearing for 30 October where the father is summoned to defend his right to be a father to God’s gifts.  Inalienable rights of man put asunder by the private anti-Christian agenda of Judge Elliot N. Solomon in defiance of the people’s law requiring protection of the parent child bond.

Natural law has risen to override the devil’s court.  Attorney Geraldine Ficarro, having angered the Gods was struck down by the CURSE OF FAMILY COURT, thirteen days after filing her false pleadings in the devil’s court to use children as weapons in return for her precious billable hours, absent purpose in law or humanity.  The bitch is DEAD!

The Gods have spoken.  Connecticut family court lawyers pleading child abuse in Bozzuto’s satanic court of child trafficking will be struck down, banished from the Kingdom of God, condemned to the fires of hell for eternity.  Attorney Geraldine Ficarro shall rot in hell for her sins against children.  The Gods have issued their warning to all who worship at Satan’s Altar of Connecticut Family Court Discretion.  The COURT CURSE is cast upon the evil doers of the Connecticut Family Bar and the judicial deviant devils in black robes who sacrifice children for billable hours.

SO CURSED….who is next?  Steve Dembo?