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Dee v Couloute

The American court system is an adversarial forum.  Two opposing parties duke it out before competent authority and the best legal warrior wins.  A made for TV propagandist description which overlooks reality.  Every now and again there is a twist where drama triumphs over law.

Let’s take the lowly court battle between Family Support Magistrate Julie A. Dee of Erie County, NY. and the arrogant Matthew Couloute, Esq.  Dee is not a real judge, but she is a lawyer appointed magistrate who handles rather administrative functions of child support; ensuring forms are filled out, math is correct and amounts ordered.  Simple, cookbook, turn the crank process which is the same everywhere in the U.S. of A.  Couloute, no stranger to child support matters, is a father, has two children, two ex wives and is a lawyer himself.

Remember the story?  New York State seized Couloute’s daughter on neglect charges, placed the kid with grandpa for safe keeping.  Grandpa suggests Matt should contribute a few bucks for food and clothing.  NY Family Court summoned Couloute to a support hearing, which he refused to attend.  The Magistrate then ordered him served to appear; he threw the notice on the ground in front of a NY State Trooper and refused police order to pick it up….drove off in a huff in his Cadillac.

Finally, Couloute shows up in front of Magistrate Dee in Buffalo.  She had requested all the necessary financial information required by the cookbook support recipe, a.k.a. child support statutes;  Couloute refused, claiming MJ Dee does not have jurisdiction over him as he pretends to live in Connecticut where he is protected by his pedo prosecutor friends.  Dee explains that NY has his child along with competent jurisdiction over the father.  With no financial information, MJ Dee politely orders $100/week to help feed the kid until the proper forms can be properly filled out with the proper income information from the proper father in accordance with the proper statutes.  She schedules another hearing to allow Couloute time to comply with her proper orders.

Needless to say this drama would not be possible if it were not for the ‘spic bastard Judge Jorge Simon of the Connecticut Family Court who conspired with Attorneys Ceil Gersten and C. Michael Budlong to defeat the rule of law to ensure this child had no support order.  No financial disclosure, no support worksheet, no presumptive amount, no deviation, notta, zip, zilch.   Trafficked kids don’t get legal child support orders in Connecticut and money launders are protected, for a fee.

Couloute is a lawyer licensed in the State of Connecticut, bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct of that state.  Lawyers are special people, occupying a special place in society which ensures the quality of justice for the courts.  But if you are Matthew Couloute, you simply tell the court of New York to fuck off and refuse the order of $100/week because you are special.  Refuse to comply with the support order, rant and rave about filing an appeal and generally don’t give a fuck about feeding your own kid.  Just showing the special way to care for a lawyer’s kid.  This is how Connecticut lawyers behave in front of New York Courts?  Are we all to behave like this state licensed Commissioner of the Superior Court of Connecticut?  The Chief Judge of Connecticut Chase Rogers allows her licensed Bar boyz to abuse other courts and their judges carrying a label of Connecticut approval?

Just another day in the above the law world of the Connecticut Bar.  Wonder how Connecticut Chief Disciplinary Counsel will deal with a grievance complaint on Couloute from MJ Dee?   Stay tuned folks, round three of Couloute child support goes down on 14 July.

Matthew Couloute and kids

Couloute Dragon

Matthew Condel Couloute