Connecticut Prosecutor David J. Smith: Terrorist

Time to focus on the constitutional terrorist and ISIS sleeper cell David Joseph Smith of GA10 in New London, Connecticut.  Another uneducated thug who can’t spell We the people nor can he protect the Constitution from the insiders of the state mafia.  Smith is a mere thug with a briefcase.

This state sponge sucks up a paycheck to inflict terrorism upon those who pay his salary.  He took an oath, but cannot remember what it says.  He is not a patriot nor is he even American at heart.  David Joseph Smith is spending state money to defeat the First Amendment.  Let’s take an example of free speech about a public actor in a public forum expending public funds:

Thomas Jefferson states that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Simple, but true words.  People’s rights and liberties will not be maintained by administration alone, there must be defense of rights for those who wish to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  So we have knucklehead David Smith who operates on the overriding principle to kiss the ass above him rather than stand as a patriot.  If David Smith chooses to attack the First Amendment, then he has brought war upon himself.  He declares himself a traitor to his country, commits acts of treason and steals tax dollars in the process.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Of tragic comedy with this clown ASA Smith is that he attended the same school where Thomas Jefferson studied law;  William&Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Mr. Jefferson would disapprove of Smith and his perverted boss Kevin Kane.

Raymond E. Baldwin Courthouse where death sentence of Baby Aaden was issued by Judge Barry Pinkus

What if the people suggest that the Raymond E. Baldwin Courthouse in Middletown should be burned to the ground and all its employees dispatched as being the source of injustice of Baby Aaden’s watery death from being tossed off the Middletown Bridge?  This building, a hallmark of the civilized American society of liberty and justice for all, is where justice was denied to poor brown folks because no white supremacist lawyer could make a dime off of young unmarried ‘spics with a baby.  The court staff, clerks, supervisors, counselors, lawyers and even the judges had no time for poor brown Baby Aaden and his parents.  Millions in state and federal funding go into this building every year, but not a dime for poor brown babies.  Why not burn it down, bulldoze the lot, plant flowers, trees along with a park bench for people to sit and contemplate the corrupt nasty, evil, filthy people who worked in a building dedicated to justice, where Baby Aaden got none.  ASA David J. Smith might think you are a criminal for such thoughts and will conspire with a dick named Jack Kulig #927, a trooper of the State Gestapo to have you arrested for upholding standards set down by the Founding Fathers.  Here’s to you Baby Aaden.  White supremacists like ASA David J. Smith don’t give a shit about you or your brown mother.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Knowing what Judge Barry Pinkus did to defeat the rule of law, undermine the Constitution and discriminate against a poor brown mother from the bench in a courtroom, would Raymond E. Baldwin even want his name on the building from where Baby Aaden’s death sentence came?  All for want of billable hours for lawyers; all Bar colleagues of ASA David J. Smith.  Statesmen, scholars, jurists, professionals of the past all replaced by money-grubbing inbred incompetent evil non Christian self chosen miscreants of the Connecticut Bar Association.

Raymond E. Baldwin

Chief Clerk of this court cesspool was none other than the gender confused and intellectually challenged Jonathan Field whose only accomplishment in life was to shuffle papers for thirty years, sucking up a state paycheck and pissing off everyone who ever had to work with him.  An arrogant nasty crotchety old white-haired man.  An excuse of a human, scared by his own shadow was afraid that a patriot, a fellow citizen would publicly rant about the horrors and incompetence of a court that sent a baby swimming for its life by failure of the judiciary.  A timid clerk, Jonathan Field read something on a cyber bulletin board; old fat boy found the writings to be very disturbing.  He even felt threatened by words in cyberspace.  No one spoke the words to him, nor were the words addressed to him, but Johnny Boy felt scared, so it must be a crime if he feels scared; there must be a criminal doing the scaring.  An anonymous citizen felt scared too, so scared as to remain anonymous lest We the people find the identity of the secret person…..Judge Bozzuto?

These unscrupulous state actors in defiance of the First Amendment have created the Orwellian form of denunciation right in the middle of the Connecticut Valley.  The home of Smith&Wesson, Remington, Ruger, Springfield and the bullet makers to go with them. Baldwin’s Courthouse, where rights go to die.

With state actors like these, who needs external enemies?  Why knock down tall buildings with airplanes, if the state will destroy the Constitution from within and toss a poor brown kid off a bridge for fun?

Do not Americans hold distrust for tyrants?  Do not Americans call for death unto tyrants?  Did not Mr. Jefferson hail from a great state having motto:  Sic semper tyrannis!  The shortened version of Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis….Thus always I bring death to tyrants!  We as Americans do not bow with respect to those in authority; we hold them accountable.  So dick Jack Kulig and terrorist ASA Smith believe that the meme below is not free speech but a crime…..scary, scary words.

Judge Bozzuto Liberty Tree Challenge

It is obvious that ASA Smith learned nothing in law school and has forgotten even more in practice of law.  He does not comprehend the Fourth Amendment, where citizens can kill people who break into their castles illegally.  Take a threat by Cromwell Police officers to enter a home on Douglas Drive without a warrant; Fourth Amendment protects the unfortunate Second Amendment enabled demise of such unconstitutional perps.  So bring the body bags, as defense of the Constitution often creates bio hazards requiring proper disposal.  First, Second, Fourth and environmental considerations are not criminal conduct in the land of the free and the home of the brave unless your name is ASA David J. Smith.

Reporter Karen Florin of The Day newspaper rats out Smith’s present drama performance against the Constitution in her article, where she exalts how Smith exudes confidence and that “The state is ready to try the case” when a defense attorney calls his bluff.  But Smith is the one who is bluffing now.  Norm Pattis called out Smith for unconstitutional conduct, judge set down a hearing for 5 October, but when the grey ponytailed Pattis was ready to pounce, Smith begged the judge for a continuance and went running for the men’s room, rather than admit the state was playing games.  Stephen M. Carney, another worthless excuse of a prosecutor claims that Smith “is a great trial attorney who never gets flustered”, but in reality, Smith shit his pants at the sight twenty two pages of legal smackdown from ‘A Giant of the Profession’.  Smith is a shill and a poor one at that.  A slash and burn trial lawyer like Pattis is going to scorch Smith and his act of tyranny…the tree of liberty will be refreshed!

Now for you disciples of the Prophet Mohammad and scholars of the Quoran, do not practice your faith in Connecticut, as ASA Smith will find cause to arrest you in belief of the holy jihad.  Speak ill of the jews; judicial retaliation is swift in Corrupticut and will be carried out by the muscle of the criminal justice system.  Police guns kill goyim with immunity of the state.

So read the arrest warrant of a free citizen prepared by a jewdicial foot soldier and signed by the home-grown terrorist ASA David Joseph Smith.  Retaliation has a certain scent to it.  Ask yourself why this clown is allowed to defeat the rule of law to please his judicial pals?  Why will he destroy the Constitution for private agenda?  He is the new speech Gestapo.  Have some political speech?  Redress of grievances?  Or just feel like ranting about a corrupt state government and its miscreant employees?  Better ask ASA Smith if it is ok….because some anonymous judge will get you arrested.

Watch the state get whipped by a grey ponytail…..whenever Smith can stop shitting himself.  Pattis is going to ram some free speech down the throat of this incompetent state employee.

White boy supremacist terrorist gonna be hunted for treason!  Traitor in our midsts.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it……..

Try a little free speech