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Criminal Advocate: David J. Smith, Esq.

Welcome to Gulag Connecticut, a special territory where the Constitution is suspended by rule of despots and other elected officials who swear allegiance to a private chosen agenda.  The public official, David J. Smith, with willful intent, under the tyrannical control of monsters in black robes does advocate criminal acts against the people and does incite injury to free citizens and their property; criminal offenses under the rule of law.

David Smith, a man of no faith, no patriotism, no allegiance to his fellow citizens, no respect for the history of the country, of no moral fabric, having no intellect, provides comfort to terrorists and is a general embarrassment to America; did carry out judicial retaliation against a citizen for the heinous crime of free speech.  Exercising First Amendment rights to rant about incompetent state employees is met with state destruction of rights protected by the Constitution and acts of terrorism by the chosen.  Executing a false arrest under the color of state law to silence political speech by imprisonment is terrorism by unscrupulous state actors.

Smith is guilty of criminal advocacy of undermining the Constitution, shredding the Bill of Rights and taking up arms against the people.  He willfully advocates the overthrow of the present form of government which abandons the rule of law, ignores the Constitution and commits acts of terrorism by misuse of public office and betrayal of oath.  With intent, he did publish and distribute documents that advocate such imminent dangerous action.  Smith is a criminal and a domestic enemy of the Constitution.  A traitor.

Smith further commits crimes against the state by inciting a free people to injure tyrants and property where they are found.  Publicly and privately, with malicious intent, both orally and in writing, in print and by conduct, he advocates, encourages, justifies, praises, incites and solicits the unlawful burning, injury to or destruction of  public or private property and advocates, encourages, justifies, praises, incites and solicits assault upon the state government and its corrupt agents, he raises a call to arms of patriots, by conduct does champion forcible replacement of the people’s government in a most violent fashion, by implication he begs for the injuring, maiming, killing of members of the organized state gestapo and for the killing and injuring all classes and bodies of persons so engaged in state sponsored terrorism against its people by attack upon and destruction of the Constitution and rule of law.

Smith is guilty of felonious conduct owed ten years in jail for each offense, however, the people have a historic remedy….sic semper tyrannis….which is the death penalty to those among us who seek to subvert a free people.  Lacking remedy in court, the people only have violence as an alternative.  The failure of the government calls patriots to destroy and replace that which fails to serve their sovereign needs; Smith being a casualty of such due process.

Note:  “Any person who shall commit treason against this state by levying war against it or by adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort, shall suffer death.” General Statutes (1949 Rev.) § 8342; see also Conn. Const., art. IX § 4. In 1969 treason was reconstituted and renamed “criminal advocacy,” a class D felony punishable by imprisonment in Somers. General Statutes (Rev. to 1971) § 53a-179.  Today it is called TERRORISM.

Those who walk among us as domestic enemies of the Constitution claim their own destiny.