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Spotlight: Watertown Police

Just two years ago the Connecticut Appellate Court ruled the police do not have the authority to threaten citizens with arrest for non-criminal activity.  The New Cannan Police were handed a ruling by Justice Borden that clearly told the police to comply with the rule of law, not personal thuggery.  The police thug, Sgt. Casey was mentioned eight times by name in the high court ruling.  Thugs gone bad.

No one told Chief of Watertown Police John Gavallas nor Chairman Thomas Winn nor councilman Louis Razza that threats to citizens on whim of patrol Officer Christopher Donston and Sergeant Steven Skorownski are not police duties.  The specific act of Donston was to make phone calls to family members of Genevieve and Sophia Grohs threatening them with criminal arrest for harassment for the act of contacting William J. Grohs to invite the children to dinner, shopping and other family activities.  Never has the State Supreme court ever found that such communications in support family activities supporting familial bonds ever constitutes harassing conduct.

The jurisprudence of Connecticut does not allow a police officer to impose an ad hoc criminal protective order against a citizen based upon a complaint of William Grohs.  That Donston threatened family members with arrest based on non existing order does not make invitations to family affairs unlawful.

If you invite the Grohs girls to a birthday party or a play date, don’t be surprised if the RSVP comes with handcuffs from the Watertown Police.  William Grohs won’t allow the girls to even talk to family on the phone as part of his isolation campaign.  Enlisting the aid of the police for purposes of child abuse and neglect is hardly a proper use of tax dollars.

In all fairness to the thin blue line, the directive of such threat likely came from William Grohs dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano, who had previously threatened the Smith family with police action should they try to maintain familial relations with the girls.  Fasano held no cause to make such threat and did violate the Rules of Professional conduct to engage criminal action to get the upper hand in a civil matter.  But since when has the firm of Duffy&Fasano cared about ethical representation?

Be warned Watertown, your own police force is engaged in child abuse.  You will be hunted down and arrested by the boys in blue for caring for two children, rule of law is cast to the wind.  Be terrified.

Taxpayers can file formal complaint on Officer Christopher Donston using package provided by police at this link.

Folks in New Cannaan should be scared as Thug Casey is now a detective.  Be really scared, nothing stops thugs in blue, not even the court.  See article on Casey’s thuggery reversed by opinion of Judge Borden.  Cops don’t invent new crimes by threat, they ar supposed to enforce the law that exists.  Connecticut puggey blue thugs.





Pedo muscle hunting free citizens who criticize the jewish masters.
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