Save The Date!!!

SAVE THE DATE!!!!  The Children’s Law Center is having its ANNUAL GALA!!!  Celebration of child traffickers!  Come support the Center that could not help Baby Aaden from drowning in the Connecticut River!!!!

Children’s Law Center is a money laundering operation and a child trafficking center on which the state pedophiles rely to get their play toys isolated from protective mothers.  The law firm acts under immunity protection of the Guardian ad litem, so it is untouchable and unaccountable.  Just what child traffickers need.  So look for the who’s who of Connecticut Family Court insiders to be all dressed up on Thursday night, 30 November at the all new and fancy Delamar West Hartford.  Reduced group room rates with little boy amenities for the pedo elite of Connecticut.

Sponsor’s include the jewish law firm of Steve Dembo and Barbara Aarons, the notorious Berman, Bourns, Aaron & Dembo child traffickers and family destructors of West Hartford.  More money moves through Family Court than any other court in the land.  The top money makers from the judiciary will be there.  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto the deviant Chief Judge of the Family Court.  The evil money hungry cold hearted and titless Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone, celebrating her return to the family bench from her exile to juvey for getting caught trafficking the Bushey kids for cash; the Law Center was involved; Director Justine Rakich-Kelly was appearing and exposed as part of the trafficking ring.

Judge Leslie Olear is also returning from juvey exile after the legislature nearly voted her off the bench completely.  Holly and Leslie will be distributing their new price lists.  The dark lord himself, Judge Gerard I. Adelman will make an appearance, along with Talmud ruler King Elliot N. Solomon who will grace the attendees with his rabbinical blessings.  Judge Maureen Murphy, Judge Marylouise Schofield, Judge Anna Ficeto.  Retired judges and pedo protectors Lynda B. Munro and Annie Dranginis will represent the jewdicial crooks of Pullman&Comley, the dirtiest, deviant and most powerful law firm in the state.

Of special appearance will be Judge Leo V. Diana, this year’s ruler of the dark dungeon of Regional Family Trial Docket.  The whale’s court has some harpooning to do to make up for lost revenue and inventory is low.

All moneys and kickbacks owed will be cleared for the year under the dinner tables.  Watch the justices hobble to their cars at the end of the evening with bulging pockets; cash only.

Other child trafficking law firms and money launderers sponsoring the event are 
Flaherty Legal Group, LLC
Russell & Company, CPAs PC
Sheila S. Moses, CPA, P.C.
Reid & Riege, PC
Ruel Ruel Goings & Britt

Corporate sponsors providing payback for trafficked kids of important people are:

Stanley Black & Decker

Even the Masons from the Hartford-Evergreen Lodge 88 are putting down their money to keep the child trafficking game in private hands.   Baby Aaden gets nothing, he was brown; Masons prefer tight white boy ass.

Contact Paige at 860 232 9993 for tickets.  Check out the sponsorship (kickback) price lists here.  See the who’s who of Connecticut Family Court players.

The premier child trafficking event in Connecticut on 30 November!!!

Save the date!!!  Bring Cash!!  Purchase Decisions!!  Buy A Book!!

 Don’t weep for Baby Aaden, he was brown.  Judge Barry Pinkus had no use for him.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Payment of legal services for poor kids is a duty of the State’s Office of Public Defender, not a solicitation by pedophiles running an immune private law firm under the direction of child trafficker Justine Rakich-Kelly, Esq. and her pedo pals.

Save the Date Children’s Law Center