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Facetime Only! (Apple)

The insanity of the Connecticut Family Court invades the public domain once again, this time it is the selection of Apple products in support child trafficking.

The Grohs girls, Evey and Sofi have been kidnapped by the money of psycho William J. Grohs and his overpriced dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano of the inbred lawfirm of Duffy & Fasano , in consort with the infamous immune whore of the court Attorney Mary Brigham.  It has been two weeks and the trafficking threesome have kept the girls completely isolated from their mother.  Another non-Christian act of the Family Court players club, under the chosen direction of the child trafficking terrorist Judge Anna M. Ficeto.

In Connecticut, the screams of children are silenced.  The court directed that the children be able to communicate with their mother, lest the public see that the isolation game has nasty psychological purposes.  But don’t worry the child traffickers Fasano and Brigham have told the public that only Apple products and the use of Facetime is allowed.  Given mom is not an Apple user this is the trick of the pedo trolls to prevent contact from their victims with their mother.

Time to identify the criminal conduct of Fasano, Brigham and Grohs.  Time to send up flares and issue public warnings to people of Watertown that two children are being held captive, are being brainwashed as part of a diabolical use of children for perverted gain of third parties.  First step in the pedo play book to erase mom is to isolate the kids and brainwash them to fear their own mother.  Be scared, very scared.

Dickhead Attorney Michael Fasno stated publicly that the mother/child communications can only take place by Facetime.  Skype is unacceptable due to ‘numerous technical reasons’.  He refuses to allow the children a regular phone call, stating that the court only ordered Facetime, no phone calls.  However, dickhead cannot produce a court order signed by a judge which supports his public lies.  To comply with dickhead’s imagined court orders he has instructed mom to get an iPhone or not be able to talk to her kids.

Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave knowing that two children are completely cut off from mom because of the want of an iPhone.  Does Apple pay the Family Court bribes to specify their products over MicroSoft?  Should Bill Gates sue Connecticut for denying children the use of Skype to talk to mom?  Should Verizon sue Fasano for denying mom the First Amendment right to use their cell service to maintain the mother child bond?  Should the FBI just arrest Fasano for human trafficking?  Fasano even put his abuse in writing:

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Michael Fasano
Dear Ms. Grohs
Please accept this response to your recent communications to my client regarding modifications to the court orders issued last week.
The court order specifically refers to FaceTime. It does not refer to Skype which is unacceptable for numerous technical reasons in addition to the fact that the order doesn’t provide for its use.  We will not engage you in a debate on this subject 
When FaceTime is accessible to you, your access via such program will resume 
The court order does not provide for phone contact therefore there is no phone contact.
There is provision for supervised access between you and the children and I would encourage you to contact Mr. Haddad at family relations in order to begin that process as ordered by the court
Finally, the order provides you with supervised access.  
There is no reason for other members of your family to contact my client in this regard 
Further communications by others with the children are not permitted by the orders and will be referred to the proper agencies to have them cease
Atty Michael A Fasano
Duffy and Fasano

Should the people of Watertown inquire to dickhead Fasano to produce the court order stating Facetime only?  Can he recite the  numerous technical reasons that Skype can’t be used?  Is the Watertown Police Chief and his thugs in on the scam?  Why does this attorney lie to the public about court orders?  Part of Judge Ficeto’s child trafficking operation?  Ficeto is paid to isolate the children and is part of the ring?  Perhaps Senator Len Fasano can call off his family dogs? Or Judge Roland D. Fasano of Waterbury, JD can call out Michael for trafficking children?  Judge Roland Fasano is in the courtroom next to Ficeto.

Fasano refers to the non-Christian Haddad, a state employee with the misleading label of family relations officer in the commish of the judiciary.  This state paid child trafficker reports to the Office of Chief Court Administrator, under the direction of the notorious Judge Elliot N. Solomon, the Talmud disciple who has personally trained all the state family court judges.  Chris Haddad is merely a foot soldier of Judge Solomon’s Zionist army to carry out his chosen agenda of destroying Christian family units one at a time in family court.  The town of Easton claims this member of the ring; keep the kids away from Wilson Road.

The trafficking of Evey and Sofi is by trick of the court upholding William Grohs’ claim that the mother is bad.  Judge Ficeto agrees without documentation, girls are held in captivity while lawyers and state employees work to ensure isolation with not so much as a phone call.  This is the ring in action.  It is not law, it is criminal conduct.

Chris Haddad having no real job description, having no expertise in children, working for the ring, being paid with state funds, serving his judicial masters, has failed to arrange any visitation as ordered by the court.  He willfully and purposefully created administrative impediments for the mother, not for the dad, to prevent visitation.

As the state contract with Litchfield Visitation Services is funded with federal money, contains anti discrimination clauses, civil rights protections and ADA compliance requirements, Chris Haddad runs the blocking game to prevent the children or the mother from obtaining the services ordered by the court.  But that is how the isolation game is played.  The court orders are conveniently quashed by players like Fasano and Haddad and completely ignored with immunity by GAL Brigham.  Of course Angelo Farenga and Cynthia Eastman of LVS aren’t exactly following their contract either as they are in possession of Judge Ficeto’s order which is all that is required for them to provide visitation services.  Another pair of ring players working to isolate children with federal funds.  Needless to say the $350/hr Attorney Mary Brigham is not a bit concerned that her wards can’t hug their mother.  She is gloating and pocketing her cash.  See her recent invoice, she is even billing the mother to read this blog.

Note that Tracy Adamski is the chief clerk of family court of Waterbury, knows all this is happening.  She knows the court orders are not being followed.  Judge Ficeto’s clerk Felicia Alves knows that the children are being abused, that phone calls are not being allowed and that Chris Haddad has not arranged visitation.  All pedo foot soldiers on the state payroll.  Judge Ficeto knows all this and sits in her chambers stroking her fattened wallet knowing that her pedo masters are pleased.  Active and consistent involvement of parents being a statutory joke of the legislature ignored by the judiciary.

Anybody in Watertown have a spare iPhone or iPad so mom can talk to her kids on Facetime?  It will annoy William Grohs as he would have to let the children communicate with their mother.  If you call William J. Grohs at 203 206 9899 asking to see the kids, Attorney Fasano will send his pet pedo thugs of Watertown Police to silence you.  Soon Judge Ficeto will issue a restraining order against the entire community of Watertown to ensure these children are properly isolated and brainwashed.  The Watertown Police are already threatening people with arrest for being worried about the isolation of the children.  The thin blue line are pedo protectors.

Time for being scared is over; time to be terrified.

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