No motions; unless EMERGENCY!

The new standard of public access to the family court has been set down by Judge Anna M. Ficeto of Connecticut.  No additional motions to be filed unless it is an EMERGENCY.

So what exactly is an EMERGENCY in Ficeto’s court?  The Practice Book does not address what is an emergency and what is not.  There is no case law that prescribes emergency and non-emergency motions.  This new rule of the family court keeps secrets from the public for whom and why chosen lawyers can file emergency motions but little people can’t.  Perhaps it is a signal to the judge that the shadow masters have need for their purchased services?

Today Judge Ficeto further terrorized the world by showing she will deliver purchased decisions.  Two little girls in the Grohs case were taken away from mom and delivered to the sole captivity of father with no visitation for mom.  Just what demented daddy’s lawyer, Michael Fasano, paid the judge to deliver, on time and on cue, on the first day of school.  Another post judgment child trafficking operation by the Connecticut Family Court.  Six years after the divorce settlement, one hundred twenty post judgment docket entries, hundreds of thousands of dollars, two law firms, six attorneys, focused psychological abuse, harassment, interrogations, countless hours of depositions, discoveries and valuable court time finally paid off for William J. Grohs in his first step in erasing mom from the lives of their two little girls.

The immune GAL Mary Brigham was seen absolutely gloating over pulling off another post judgment custody snatch; another notch in her lipstick case; under the table bonus; cash is the objective in family court.  It only took seventy docket entries and eleven months to get divorced; obviously not a real money maker for the lawyers.  Post judgment custody battle over an agreement freely made with the advice of counsel and approval of the immune GAL was just the beginning.  Seven years and two hundred docket entries is how lawyers and judges get rich on one divorce case; racketeering.   The usual Waterbury players, Judges Schofield, Cutsumpas, Ficeto playing along with Attorneys Giuliano, Fasano and the infamous guardian ad litem, Mary Brigham.  The usual suspects in child trafficking.

The purchased decision has been delivered by Judge Ficeto, the shadow forces have made their ‘lick’ off of money bags William Grohs, the children have been sold.  The court is finished and will not entertain any more motions unless it is an expensive EMERGENCY.  Judicial discretion is merely a price list; money buys all.  No one can hear the children scream.

If only Baby Aaden had a trust fund.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court