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Jewish Adjustment Disorder

The junk science of psychology as practiced by court whores and charlatans of the family cesspool is a comedy in itself.  Credibility derived solely from the deviancy of the jewdicial authority in the black robe.  Let’s examine the ‘adjustment disorder’ as diagnosed by a jewish master of licensed professional counseling from the state authority of Corrupticut.

The elements associated with this ‘adjustment disorder’ are quite curious; a label so vague as to be useless.  A wife beater and bone cracker has an ‘adjustment disorder’, because why?  He failed to adjust his fist blows to limit the damage to mere bruising?  The beating was proper, bone cracking requires adjustment?  Improperly adjusted the trajectory of the body so that the landing broke the tail bone?  Is this a chronic or acute disorder?

The quack manual DSM defines the disorder, but does not corollate spousal bone cracking to the specific stressors under disturbance of conduct.  Wagging the male appendage at little kids is also absent from this diagnosis, as is entertaining requests for child porn pictures.  Dragon games being of strange purpose with a child.   If the symptoms persist more than six months and across the spectrum of two mothers and two children, four states and three family court cases, is this is a chronic diagnosis?

If you need retired Judge Annie Dranginis to defend against child molestation charges is it merely an adjustment disorder?  If your lawyer has to threaten social workers and therapists with lawsuits for discussing the welfare of a child, is it a simple disorder?  If you and your lawyer threaten a mother with loss of her child by legal fraud, is it a disorder?  If you can lie to get a rookie sworn law enforcement officer, K9 cop to write a false affidavit to arrest the mother of your child on felony charges, is it a disorder?  If you have protection from the pedo prosecutor’s ring, is it a disorder or criminal conduct?

Diagnosis excluding personality, or psychiatric disorder, delusions or psychosis is suspect.  A well functioning adult and parent is a non-clinical observation.  In this case, there is significant displays of disorders, delusions and psychosis that manifests itself in harm to others.  Bone cracking of a spouse, arrest, criminal charges being the most scary symptom.  A well functioning adult is not prone to losing his professional law license for misconduct.  A well functioning parent who does not pay child support?  Does not file tax returns?  Does not comply with court orders?  Is it well functioning when the LAPD has to send reminders about the visitation schedule?

In a broader sense, how does the quack diagnosis of ‘adjustment disorder’ square with the action of the State of New York in seizing the well functioning parent’s child and placing her in foster care for protection from such disorder?  A quack, licensed by the State of Connecticut has penned a diagnosis challenging the action of Social Services of New York State.  Is this even ethical?  LPC Lieberman does not agree with the professional action of a sovereign state, other licensed professionals and the orders of a child protection court.  He feels his patient is undeserving of behavioral scrutiny applied in protection of a child.  Is any jew in Connecticut supposed to agree with anyone who questions Nutmeg child trafficking?  Why is the court whore licensed in Connecticut attacking the professional actions of New York State?  Why so public with private diagnosis?

Interesting to compare the observations of a New York licensed M.D. (real doctor) to those of a Connecticut licensed LPC.  The contrasts are striking.  One predicted the broken bones were coming, the other denies them.  See how Connecticut plays the game?

Is the letter written by LPC John Lieberman of Bridgeport just fraud?  Or just professional services of the conspiracy of court whores to protect child traffickers in the Connecticut Pedo Utopia?


Quackster John David Lieberman penning pedo protection letters for child predators.